Pacific Grove Middle School

October 2020 Newsletter

An Update From Your PGMS Counselors

Happy First Day of Fall PGMS Families,

It has been a challenging start to the year, but we are impressed with our staff, students, and families and the connections they have made. However, something that continues to weigh on us all is the question, “How long can we sustain this, and will my child lose interest and begin to fall behind?” One thing we have learned from the numerous articles sent to us daily is that we need to stay focused on the things we can control. Below is a list of things we can do to keep our children interested and invested in school and hopefully also keep us parents mentally sound. We are here for you when you need us. Please reach out with questions and concerns.

Janie Lawrence, School Counselor

Zoe Roach, School Counselor

Sonda Frudden, School Counselor

Below is a summary from an article featured on Common Sense Media of what parents and caregivers can do to keep children focused, interested, and balanced while learning at home.

  1. Dedicate a space for learning in your home.

  2. Set up a routine.

  3. Review both academic and family expectations for your child.

  4. Help your student stay focused, when possible, by staying close, so they don’t get stuck or distracted.

  5. Encourage self-regulation while providing healthy snacks, water, movement breaks, etc.

  6. Encourage ownership and effort by displaying work and giving detailed praise.

  7. Highlight your child's strengths.

  8. Incorporate movement and exercise into your day.

  9. Encourage your child to self-advocate by asking for help when they need it.

Check out the full article with more detailed suggestions below:

Picking up something?

Please pick up any items from the school that your student's teacher is distributing. For example, some of our 6th graders have not picked up The Giver and we also have some Home EC items and musical instruments. Please contact the office at 646-6568 to see if the office has the item to be picked up and arrange a pick up time. Please check with your student to see if there is an item that needs to be picked up.

Please note: Not every student will have something to pick up from the school.

There is no school October 12 - 16 for Autumn Break.

October Parent Teacher Conferences October 19-23

Parent -Teacher conferences are scheduled for struggling students. Ms. Apple has contacted the parents to schedule a conference. The conferences are the week of Monday, October 19 - Friday, October 23. The conference times are Monday and Wednesday- Friday, 12:45 - 2:45 p.m., 15-minute conferences. The ONLY evening conference available is on Tuesday, October 20, 5:00 p.m. - 6:15 p.m.

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Library Spotlight for October Distance Learning!

Going out of town? Going on vacation?

Per the 2020-2021 Parent-Student Handbook, please fill out the Justifiable Absence Request Form at least two weeks in advance. Even if you plan to have your student sign on for the classes, this will help with attendance. You can take a picture of the form and upload it in an email to Mrs. Cochran,

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Please help support PGMS PTSA.

Thank you!

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