tyler zuber

speach about me

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i grew up in perry,Ia with my parents, and sister.

i have a 21 year old sister and a 22 year non-blood related sister and a 15 year old non blood related sister. i met her 5 years ago and we've been good friends ever since then. i would do anything to protect my sister. i grew up in a family that likes music and riding dirt bikes. the picture is of my dad and mom.

family names

sister 1 leah, sister 2 michelle, sister 3 abby, dad ron, mom tammy,
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hobbies and why i like them

- working on engines, i find engine interest because when i hear an engine work. i just like to think to my self how fast are the engine parts moving ,and how everything how much power it producing. just how everything moves interests me.oy

i love to race rc cars. its fun to work on them and make them better and faster

playing guitar. i enjoy playing guitars, because the ways you can make different sound and noises its cool to me. i like to play loud, in what i mean in loud as ear ringing loud.

I enjoy to ride older dirt bikes around mid to early 70's. i have like 6 dirt bikes 5 are stored away the other one is a enduro it is street legal and can carry two passengers. but it is out in the country about 5 miles away from maylums. on a big farm. im a crazy driver on dirt bikes if you ask abby i bet she will tell you not ot ride with me. im a fast driver, i gave her a ride on it and she screamed the whole time. well i guess we were ramping the dirt bike 20 25 ft in the air.

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this is my dirt bike

  • its a 1974 Suzuki enduro.
  • it is a 125cc engine. this is the 8th dirt bike out of mys out 7 dirt bikes.
  • this one stays out in the country.
  • if you ask Mr. Maylum hes rode it before.