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Welcome Back to School!

September 8, 2022

Upcoming Dates

  • Wednesday 9/14 Early Release - 1:45 PM
  • Thursday 9/15 School Picture Day for students on Purple & Red Learning Communities

  • Friday 9/16 School Picture Day for students on Green & Blue Learning Communities
  • Wednesday 9/28 Open House at Wentworth, 6-7 PM

Online Forms - Time Sensitive

Click here for information to login, access, and sign school forms in PowerSchool. We have about 75% of our forms completed with about 200 to go! You can update contact information (including emergency contacts), student profile sheet, authorize student permissions, complete the chromebook care and use guide, and sign off that you have reviewed the Wentworth School Parent and Student Handbook for 2022-23.

Thank you for your support! It is going to be a great year.

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A Note From School Nutrition Services

All existing students whose parents have an account will be able to order breakfast and lunch (same procedure as last year) from Nutrislice or an App on their smartphone. https://scarboroughschools.nutrislice.com/menu/wentworth-school

All new students to the district or students who did not order last year will have to make a Nurtrislice account at https://scarboroughschools.nutrislice.com/menu/create-account before they can order breakfast and lunch. Parents will need the child's ID Number (we have been working with students to have this number memorized - they need to enter it at the register when they go through the lunch line) before they can start the registration process. Parents can call or email Brenda Franklin at 730-4700 or bfranklin@scarboroughschools.org if they need their child's ID Number or with any questions about ordering breakfast or lunch.

Like previous years, there will be no cost to families for student breakfast and lunch again this year! However, it is imperative that families continue to complete the Free & Reduced Lunch Form even if you do not believe you would qualify.

WHY? Key federal funds are tied to data from these applications. Programs that are impacted from these include:

  • Federal Grants for academic support and professional development;
  • Federal IDEA grants for students with disabilities;
  • Summer programming funding, and
  • Fee waivers for student activities and testing.

Please review this information from our website where you can register on-line or submit a paper application. For more information, please check out this short video. If you have any questions, please call the Scarborough School Nutrition Office at 207-730-4700.

A Message for 5th Graders about BAND!

Welcome to 5th Grade Music. I am very excited to work with your young musician this year.

In the beginning band program, instruction is given on the following instruments: flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and bell kit. If a student decides not to play a band instrument they will still participate in music class by playing an Orff xylophone provided for them here at school during class.

Band classes will begin the week of October 3.

Please go to this link for more information about band.

Please fill out the Submit Interest Form and I will send you information about how to rent an instrument and other information about band class this year.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at cfletcher@scarboroughschools.org or 730-4695


Chris Fletcher

5th Grade Band Teacher

2022-2023 Scarborough Nursing Communication

Please click here to access the full Health Services page on our district website.

Click here to access our Permission to Administer Medication form if your child will require medication while at school.

What should I do if my child is unwell?

Please keep your child home from school if they are ill. If your child is ill, home is the best place for them to rest and recuperate.

Students who have symptoms of respiratory or gastrointestinal infections, such as cough, fever, sore throat, vomiting, or diarrhea, should stay home. Your student needs to be fever, vomit, and diarrhea free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medication before returning to school. Testing is recommended for individuals with symptoms of COVID prior to returning to school.


CDC/Department of Education Updates as of August 11, 2022

What if my child tests positive for COVID?

If your child develops symptoms and tests positive for COVID, they must stay at home regardless of vaccination status. They should remain home for a full 5 days from the onset of symptoms, if their symptoms are improving, they may return to school on day 6. They must wear a well-fitting mask for an additional 5 days upon their return.

* Of note, Scarborough Public Schools will no longer be conducting COVID testing in our schools.

What if my child is exposed to COVID, but does not have any symptoms?

Individuals should follow US CDC recommendations on what to do if you are exposed to COVID-19

  • In short, as long as your child does not have any symptoms and is testing negative, they may attend school. It is recommended that the student mask for 10 days following their exposure and remain home if they develop symptoms. The CDC removed the recommendation for close contacts to quarantine, unless they are symptomatic.

What about COVID vaccinations?

CDC recommends COVID-19 primary series vaccines for everyone ages 6 months and older, and COVID-19 boosters for everyone ages 5 years and older, if eligible. See US CDC website for more information. COVID Vaccination Recommendations

What to Expect When Visiting Our Schools

Scarborough Public Schools will begin to use the Raptor Visitor Management System in all of our schools to strengthen our program of campus safety for students and staff. Part of keeping students and staff safe is knowing who is in our buildings at all times, and the Raptor system allows us to do that. The Raptor system assists in screening visitors, contractors, and volunteers in our schools and provides a safer environment for our students and staff.

What to Expect:

  • Upon being allowed through the exterior door of a district building and navigating to the main office as you have always done, visitors will be asked to present a photo ID such as a driver’s license.

  • Your ID will either be scanned or manually entered into the system by office personnel at the transaction window.

  • Once cleared, you will receive a pre-printed badge with your photo on it.

  • You will then be directed to the appropriate location that you are going to.

  • This badge must be worn at all times when in the building.

  • When in the building, you are only approved to go to the specific location requested. You should not go to any other area of the building without returning to the main office for approval.

  • When leaving the building, return to the main office and sign out with office personnel.

What does the Raptor System do?

  • The Raptor system checks to ensure that registered sex offenders are not entering our school campuses without our knowledge. It checks the visitor’s name and date of birth for comparison with a national database of registered sex offenders. The registered sex offender database is the only official database. No other data from the ID is gathered or recorded, and the information is not shared with any outside agency.

  • The Raptor system will also check for any court-issued custodial orders, restraining orders and other custom alerts as established by the School District.

  • Once entry is approved, a badge that identifies the visitor, the date, and the purpose of his/her visit will be printed and given to the visitor to wear.

The safety of our students is our highest priority, and the Raptor visitor management system allows us to quickly identify those that may present a danger to our students. Thank you in advance for your understanding and your support in enhancing the school safety protocols in our district.

Optional Student Insurance

Here is a link to a resource for optional student insurance available to families. This link is for additional accidental sports-related insurance coverage.

A Rainy First Day at Wentworth Didn't Stop the Fun! Check out these indoor recess candids.

Beautiful Blue Skies and Plenty of Fresh Air on Day 2!

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