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Week of September 14, 2015

Weekly updates on life at Raby.

Instructional Meetings

Monday - ILT

Tuesday - Department Meeting

Wednesday - Grade Level Meeting

Thursday - Department Meeting

Please refer to your the Instructional Highlights for the week for more information.

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Weekly Highlights

Information for the week


Please join me in welcoming Mr. Joaquin Martinez to the team are our new Technology Coordinator. He will be working hard this week to meet some of our immediate needs. By Wednesday, we will release a Google Form that will allow you to make tech requests.

REACH Orientation

For all teachers and counselors who attended the REACH orientation during PD, please take a minute to go into the Learning Hub and register for the session. This must be done to make sure you get credit for the course. This should be done no later than TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2015. It will NOT be available after that date. Search RabyEO15. If you are having trouble, please see Mrs. Erquhart.

Instructional Focus

Remember we are focusing on close reading and writing with coherence. During Q1, we want students to be able to produce a clear and coherent email.

Planning Expectations

Thank you for submitting assessments, units, and learning plans last week. Please review your documents and make sure they are named and submitted according to the naming protocols. Also, please make sure learning plans are submitted by 8:00 a.m. each Monday. If you have questions about uploading or submission, please check with your department chair.


Now that we have the first week of school complete, we are excited to hit the ground running with CCSS aligned and engaging instruction. Remember that students must receive 3 grades each week. This year, we will focus on making sure every assignment has a designation which will include a grade, MSG (missing), or EXC (excused). Please do not leave grades blank. Ms. Harrell will run the first Stoplight Report next Monday.

Grade Level Meetings

All teachers are expected to attend Grade Level Meetings on Wednesdays. The schedule is listed in the Instructional Toolkit 2.0.


Thank you for supporting our students as they led the back to school assembly on Friday. As we know, students can get overly excited during these events. During assemblies, please stay close to your classes and rove during the assembly to deter any inappropriate behaviors.

If you have any questions or need any support, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or Ms. Dacres. We are happy to be a part of the BEST SCHOOL IN THE UNIVERSE.

Yours in Education,