Dos and Don'ts for Job Interviews

JOBS 005: Dos and Don'ts for Job Interviews

Your Task

The internet holds a wealth of tips for interviewing for jobs. Your task is to read through some of them and compile a list of dos and don'ts for job interviews.

  1. Find at least three sources.
  2. Compile a list of at least 10 (total) Dos and Don'ts. You may decide how many of each you want, as long as you have a minimum of 10 total. (In other words, you could have 6 dos and 4 don'ts, or 7 dos and 5 don'ts.)
  3. Create one of the following to display your results:
  • A Smore (like what you're reading now)
  • A poster on Google Drawing
  • An infographic on
  • Have another idea? Run it by me :)


  • The tips should be presented in chronological order of how they would be used in an interview.
  • At the end, include the 3+ resources you used for this project.
  • Make sure your final product is easy to read, attractive, and has correct grammar conventions.
  • We will work on this today and Monday, Thursday, January 21st and Monday, January 25th.


  1. RESEARCH. The internet has hundreds of articles and sites dedicated to job interviews. Don't overlook YouTube, either.
  2. PLAN YOUR TIPS. You need to have ten, but you may include more than that. More will be taken into consideration when grading and awarding XP.
  3. CREATE. Build your product. Don't forget to add your resources at the end!
  4. POLISH. Add images/photos. Proofread your grammar. Ask a classmate for their thoughts about your presentation.
  5. SUBMIT at Google Classroom.

When You're Done

  1. Copy/paste URL of your Smore/Google Slideshow to the assignment in Google Classroom.
  2. You will be graded on CONTENT, organization, list of resources, and professionalism of your writing, its grammar, and the overall project.