Al Capone Does My Shirts

Gennifer Choldenko

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Exposition:Setting:California,San Francisco,Alcatrz,Characters:,Moose,Natalie,Piper TE:''Alcatraz sits smack in the middle of the bay-so close to San Francisco. Rising action:Natalie was kicked out of a school for sick children.Moose's famaly are trying to put her back to that school. TE:''I'm afraid'' Mr.Purdy explains when he comes in,''she is more involved that we can't handle. Climax:Natalie has given a sing of autisim: TE:PG#167:''105'' she says. ''No'' I say. ''Buttons'' she say. Falling Action:There is someone that can help her. TE:PG#67:I can get in touch with someone that can help her. Resolution:Natalie's parents dosent trust Mr.Purdy and natalie stays home. TE:PG#122:''I have to be able to depend on you.I count on you or not.''


This novel is man vs. man because Moose's famaly are trying to put her back to the school,and Mr.Purdy dosent want Natalie on the school anymore,but Mr.Purdy Is trying to tell them that there is a person that can help her,but Moose's famaly dosent trust him.The Protaganist is Moose's famaly,because they are trying to put her back to the school for that they could help her.The Antgonist is Mr.Purdy,because Mr.Purdy wont let her come to the school again.TE:"She is more involved that we can handle".The lesson in the story is never trust bad persons that give you advice.TE:PG:#67.


Facts about this time period 1929:1 Before he got arrested in 1925 Al Capone killed seven guys on Valintines day,2 When he was little his parents where killed and he joined a ganster group when he was 7,3 Al Capone is from Italy and came to U.S.A. like an imagrent 1899,4 Al Capone died in 1946.An event that happend in the book is when Al Capone whashes Moose's shirt.Al this happened in U.S.A.,California,San Francisco.Al Capone nickname is ScarFace.