She's The Man- Soccer Scene

Gender (Shes the Man)

in shes the man viola is a girl and she plays soccer. her mom does not really like her to play it because she wants her to be more of a girl and wear dresses and go to dances and more girly events like she does. viola soccer team gets cut she then trys to play for the boys team but they said that she cant because shes not good enough for it. she then transfers to her brothers school he supossed to be going to and she dresses as him so she can play soccer there and prove them wron. when she is there she falls for her room mate but she cant tell him because then he will find out that "he" is actually a girl. she then later falls into a love triangle because a girl starts to like her cross dressed form. Viola is not allowed to play soccer with the boys because she is claimed to not be good enough and then her boyfrined laughs at her and she replies by breaking up with him.(Shes the Man)

Identity(Shes the Man)

In the movie viola is a girl that plays soccer for a school and her team gets cut. after this happens she tries to try out for her schools soccer team but they do not support her escpessialy her boyfriend which she breaks up with. she then cross dresses to look like her twin brother and transfers schools so she can play soccer and beat her old schools team and show them she was good enough. While she is there pretending to me a boy she starts to get feelings for her room mate Duke Orsino and he does not know she is a girl. but then he meets the real viola not her in the costume and then he gets feelings for her but then theres a girl named olivia and she gets feeling for viola as she is dressed as sebastion and then when she finds out the truth she is okay because she is happy with the real sebastion. in the movie paul helps viola become sebastion but then when she gets there she begs him to go back.(Shes the Man)

Perception (Shes the Man)

In the movie Shes the Man many characters react to her differently. For example Violas mother doesn't really always agree with her being a soccer girl she would rather have her be more of a girl and wear dresses and go to dances and events with her. and then at first when Duke first meets Viola at the kissing booth it kinda seems like love at first site because he starts to stutter when talking to her. also olivia at the end is okay that viola likes duke and they are together because then she has sebastiain the real sebastion not the fake dressed up vioala sebastion. in the movie duke yells at viola as sebastion because he seen olivia kiss someone and then it ended up being the real sebastion and she was okay with it at the end.(Shes the Man)

Similarities/Differences (Shes The Man)

In shes the man Viola is brazy and i would never do the stuff that she does. for example i would never go to the extent that she went to just to prove a point. also i do not play soccer.


Viola and I are very different or a few reasons other than shes a girl and I am not. For example i would never go to the extent that she does as cross dressing to imitate the opposite gender. Also i would never even try to put myself in that type of situation.


other characters in the play are different from Viola. She is the only one who actually has true love. For example when she expresses herself to Orsino. He can only answer with yes because he doesnt know what to do. other characters find viola to be different. "She pined in thought, And with a green and yellow melancholy She sat like patience on a monument, Smiling at grief. Was not this love indeed? (II.iv.111–114)

Violas Gender

Viola is a girl and she is brave. shes brave because she goes through all the work to dress as a boy. but viola is nothing like a guy until she is dressed in her male character Cesario. she likes a guy named Duke Orsino. she is all of the girl you could think of in that time period. "And what should i do Illyria?My brother he is in Elysium...."(I.2.48)

Violas Identity

Viola is a girl in Twelfth Night who lost her twin brother in a shipwreck. She cross dresses to look like a boy to be a part of Duke Orsinos court. while she is cross dressing a girl named Olivia falls in love with Cesario who is Violas cross dressed person. but then Duke falls in love with viola and she is stuck in a big love triangle.