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Things to know...

  • Due to new students qualifying/moving in... we have reached the point where we have had to rework the SPED schedule so there may be changes to how your students services are being provided. Once the new schedule is worked out, the SPED teachers will be getting with you to share any changes. Please be patient with these changes - they have worked hours to rework to ensure that students needs are met and teachers are supported.
  • 4th grade we will be interviewing next week for new announcement leaders from about 11:00-11:30 - if we call for one of your kids and it's a bad time - just let me know - don't want them to miss anything
  • We have some upcoming dates you need to go ahead and block on your calendar:
15th - Support Collaborative Team Meetings

22nd - Leader in Me Coaching Day

27th - Dyslexia Training with Amanda and Astrid

ASSESSMENT Dates to be aware of...

8th - 3rd-5th Science Module assessments DUE by 4:00

11th - K-2nd TPRI/Tejas LEE window opens

15th - PK 2nd 9-week Data DUE by 4:00

25th - K-2nd TPRI/Tejas LEE Data DUE by 4:00

This Week at Reed

MONDAY - 11th
  • 3:30 - Continuous Improvement Institute

TUESDAY - 12th

  • 3:00 - RTI Tier 3 Meeting


  • 3:10 - Leader in Me Teams Faculty Meeting


  • 3:00 - RTI Tier 3 Meeting
  • 3:30 - Talking, Drawing, Writing Training

FRIDAY - 15th

  • Support Collaborative Team Meetings during conference times - Community Room
  • LAST DAY OF THE FIRST SEMESTER (second 9 weeks)

MONDAY - 18th


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14th - Candyce M.


  • HUGE Thank you to Beth Gereau for going FAR above and beyond and making sure my new friend and I both were taken care of on day one. She is truly a guardian angel. I hope it comes back to you ten fold!! - Lisa S.

  • Also a huge thank you to Hailey and Christy T. for jumping in quickly and checking on us often. They even had a dinner meeting one night to figure out all the schedule changes. I truly appreciate all your hard work. - Lisa S.

  • I want to give a heartfelt shout out to everyone for the support through my surgery a few weeks ago. I feel so blessed to work with you all! - Anne P.

  • Shout out to our SPED team for working together to ensure the needs of our new/existing SPED kids are being met! - Lisa G

  • Thank you so much to Beth G. for being so amazing with your willingness to support our new student!! You are ALWAYS willing to do whatever it takes for our kids! - Lisa