District Weekly Updates

May 26, 2020

Dear AUL Family,

Welcome to Week 10 of Virtual Learning!

On Friday, May 29, we will be taking a virtual journey to the GALAPAGOS ISLAND!

During this virtual journey, students will learn about Galapagos, an archipelago full of unique biota and rare animals. These islands are a part of Ecuador and located about 1000 km outside of South America. Darwin made the Galapagos famous when he stepped foot onto its shores and developed his theory of natural selection, changing the way we understand evolution.

Students will also learn that on the Islands of the Galapagos live several fearless animals who have never known any predators. To preserve their innocence, it is important to save the environment that the animals live in and the best way to do so is to educate the world about such a rare location.

Students need to click on the link below:


Once students complete the Virtual field trip, they will have a follow-up assignment next week in their Science class related to evolution and the Galapagos Island.

Academic Achievements - Marking Period 3

Congratulations to all of our students that made the Honor roll list the third marking period. This is a very prestigious award and requires lots of hard work from our students. Keep up the great work!

Principal’s List

Acevedo Cardenas, Maximo 09

Acosta Nunez, Marjorie 8

Alvarado, Laisha 8

Bueno, Diana 11

Caba, Fanely 11

Caba Abreu, Tiffany 10

Castillo Payano, Luz 8

Chumpitaz Cardenas, Andy 12

Franco, Perla 7

Gutierrez Suriel, Daryne Mercedes 7

Haye, Nandi 11

Koziotova, Katarina 09

Lopez Maldonado, Crystal 8

Manchame Cardenas, Stephanie 8

Marmolejos Brito, Robeyssy Stacy 7

Mendoza, Vanessa 12

Munoz Pena, Starlin Jose 8

Nunez Paez, Crismeily Altagracia 11

Paulino Mata, Danielky 12

Perez, Jael 8

Perez Mendoza, Nicolle 11

Perez Villafane, Gleyshmarie 12

Rodriguez Espino, Yurit Monserrat 12

Valdez Valdez, Robertico 11

Vargas Valerio, Camila 11

1st Honors

Abril, Aracely 10

Abril, Dennis 11

Acevedo, Osiris 11

Alberto, Geidy 12

Alberto, Jaranixy 12

Alfau Ventura, Sarah 12

Almonte Abreu, Johanny 7

Almonte Alvarez, Danyely 8

Anco, Nayuth 12

Arce, Devin 8

Arias, Nashley 09

Batista Dominguez, Ashley Mabel 10

Boone, Emizha 12

Brito, Crystal 11

Burgos, Ahliya 11

Caba, Willy 10

Calderon, Gustavo 7

Canela, Meyli 8

Cepeda, Nicole 7

Diaz, Aaliyah 10

Diaz, Kevin 8

Diaz, Savannah 7

Dorville, Joseph 11

Espinosa, Linette 12

Esteves, Esmeralda 7

Eusebio, Genesis 8

Facey, Jr Ricardo 7

Familia, Jocedis 10

Felipe Lozada, Jean Carlos 12

Fernandez, Adriel 10

Fernandez Rodriguez, Edric 09

Fernandez Vizcaino, Yomar 8

Franco, Audrick 09

Frazier, Savanna 12

Galan, Jadeliz 11

Garcia, Naidelyn 8

Garcia Tolentino, Matthew 12

Gonzalez, Jeremy 7

Gonzalez Gavilan, Elidio 09

Guzman Polanco, Ruben 11

Hernandez, Julian 8

Herrera, Matthew 11

Iciano Almonte, Fraymer 12

Jordan, Ty'Shawn 8

Kozak, Michael 8

Leonardo Nunez, Breidy 11

Lialy, Ange-Cecilia 7

Loor Andrade, Jordi 12

Lopez, Aillyn 8

Lopez, Lesly 10

Lopez Rodriguez, Idelyz 11

Luna, Alexa 8

Manzueta Grande, Orlando 7

Marshall, Angelina 7

Maryam, Maseera 7

Matos Alberto, Estefany 10

Mendez Almonte, Jose 8

Merino Martinez, Gustavo 09

Molina, Noah 7

Navarro DeJesus, Kailyn 10

Nunez, Yamilet 11

Ojeda, Steven 8

Olivares, Shanell 12

Osoria Concepcion, Merlie 8

Oviedo Cespedes, Andreina 12

Paulino, Valery 8

Peguero, Felix Alexander 10

Placencia Barclay, Yorneirys 09

Puntiel, Alexander 09

Puntiel, Jada 09

Puntiel, Katherine 09

Ramos Guzman, Gledisbel 10

Reyes, Ana 10

Roche, Kimberly 09

Rodriguez, Alex 8

Rodriguez, Jermy 11

Rodriguez, Lizbeth 10

Rodriguez, Rachel 8

Rodriguez, Yesmarlin 09

Rodriguez Paulino, Smarlyn 7

Rodriguez-Gaines, Issys 8

Rosario, Annelys 12

Rosario, Lia Marie 7

Ruiz, Litzy 10

Ruiz Garcia, Jazlynn 10

Sandoval, Jessica 11

Santana Rodriguez, Stephanie 09

Santiago, Gianna 10

Soto, Yezabel 09

Tineo Diaz, Fransely 09

Velazquez, Yarielisse 7

Ventura, Melaney 8

Ventura Bueno, Jaslen 7

Wallace-Grier, Mylani 09

Wright, Tiffany 7

2nd Honors

Abraham Rojas, Romina 11

Abreu, Aiden 8

Abreu Beltre, Diana 11

Acevedo, Shayna 8

Acevedo Cardenas, Jennifer 11

Acheampong, Josiah 09

Almanzar, Gabriela 09

Alzate Castano, Santiago 12

Amador, Emelly 09

Aquino Gabin, Romairy 8

Baskerville, Dylan 7

Caravaca, Marvin 09

Cardoso, Mery 12

Casilla, Penelope 10

Collado Abreu, Liz-Altagracia 10

Cordero Rios, Alondra 7

Cortez Solis, Sheila 09

Cortez Solis, Uriel 8

Cruz Pabon, Anyelisse 8

Daniels, Toshine 8

Decotto, Jasmin 10

Diaz Jose Maria, Liselotte 09

Estevez, Christopher 11

Estevez Morel, Rosalia 8

Fernandez, Ashly 09

Gallegos Gutierrez, Michelle 12

Gomez, Brenda 8

Gonzalez, Bryce 12

Grullon Martinez, George 7

Harewood, Samorra Shea'La 09

Herrera, Albanerys 12

Herrera, Ashley 11

Inoa, Maria 09

Jerez, Naroly 11

Jimenez Pena, Sebastian 11

Malena, Danalee 10

Malfer, Jeremiah 10

Mangual, Crystal 12

Marmolejos Marte, Frandy 8

Marrero, Lizbeth 7

Marte, Jianna 09

Mayi, Loren 09

Morales Segura, Daisy 10

Odom, Heaven 10

Panameno, Natalia 11

Pena Mejia, Anabel 7

Perez Martinez, Jaylen 12

Perez Pimentel, Destiny 8

Polanco Noesi, Cristhofer 11

Pullins, Saundra 12

Reyes, Kamily 10

Rios, Julio 09

Rivera, Stephano 11

Rodriguez, Vanessa 10

Rodriguez, Yasmin 8

Rodriguez Diaz, Krysteen 09

Rosario, Adonny 09

Rosario Rodriguez, Mary Ann 11

Sanchez Rosado, Maria 12

Santos Almonte, Nataly 10

Sumano, Victoria 8

Valdez Angeles, Chariely Maria 10

Vargas, Vitaly 11

Ventura Ramirez, Anddy 12

Vinas Duran, Omelvin 7

Watkins, Angelus 11

Virtual Learning Best Practices

Big picture

Ms. Vlastaras’ Film Class

In Ms. Vlastaras’ Film Class, students have been working on a shot composition unit, angles and movement, the different types of camera shots and their impact on the time and overall cinematography of film. This culminated in them wanting to demonstrate what they have learned. They have created a series of short videos and taken pictures in which they use several of the shots/angles/ movement types. While students were a little shy about sharing or posting, we have been very impressed by the creativity and overall quality of their work.

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Ms. Acevedo's Spanish 1 Class

And, In Ms. Acevedo’s Spanish 1 class, students had been working on a unit on Ecuador. They completed an activity that focused on the history of the Otavalos Peoples famous tapestries. They are made with beautiful woolen textiles, that have geometric shapes; designs that depict the Otavalos objects of everyday life and scenes of nature. As a project, students were responsible to recreate one of the tapestries.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Due to the Coronavirus crisis, many people have suffered from anxiety, depression, and other mental wellness issues. NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) has many resources available to support us.

Please visit nami.org. There are specific resources available for Covid-19.

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Extensions of Office Staff

Please feel free to reach our office staff during school hours, 7:50 am - 4 pm, Monday - Friday by dialing 848.203.3742 and the staff extension.

101 - Chief School Administrator
102 - High School VP
103 - Business Administrator
105 - Adm. Asst to the BA
106 - High School Nurse
107 - Information Technology
109 - Middle School VP
110 - High School Social Worker
111 - Attendance Officer
112 - Discipline
113 - Special Services (SPED, Etc.)

115 - Reporting Specialist
116 - High School Counselor
117 - High School Counselor - ELL
118 - Human Resource
120 - Exec. Asst. to Chief Lead Administrator

122 - Human Resource Asst
123 - Supervisor of Curriculum & Instruction
128 - High School Counselor

140 - Middle School Counselor
149 - Information Technology

150 - Middle School Main office
153 - Middle School Social Worker
175 - Middle School Nurse
176 - Parent Engagement (New Student Enrollment, Etc.)

Hot Dinner Meals & Grab-N-Go Breakfast/Lunch Bags

We are pleased to announce we will be providing hot dinner meals to students and families starting Monday, May 4. We will provide grab and go Breakfast, Lunch, and hot Dinner meals daily from 10 am to 12 pm at the High School.

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Big picture

21st Century Community Learning Center Afterschool Virtual Program

Our 21st Century Community Learning Center Afterschool Program has gone Virtual! We are, once again, implementing enrichment programs Monday-Thursday, from 4-6 PM, starting Monday, April 6. Program offerings include:

  • SAT Prep English Language Arts
  • SAT Prep Mathematics
  • STEM
  • Computer Science
  • Drones
  • Multicultural Cooking with the ‘Berbs
  • Book and Movie Club
  • Strength Training
  • Yoga and Stress Relief
  • Dance Club
  • Girl Talk
  • The Brotherhood

Now accepting 2020-2021 applications

We are continuing to accept students at the middle school for 2019-2020 school year.
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Coronavirus: What you need to know

Over the past week, the Governor has continued to reopen several businesses and organizations, beaches and state parks. As we continue the recovery process from Covid-19, It is very important to highlight the major precautions people should take to stay safe during this pandemic:

1-Wash hands frequently with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds

2-Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth; if you do, wash hands immediately afterward. Use hand sanitizer when soap/water is not available.

3-Avoid close contact with people who are sick

4-Stay home if you are sick

5-Cover your cough and sneeze into a tissue; then throw out and wash your hands.

6-Use face-covering/mask when going outdoors, and continue to practice social distancing (6 feet apart)

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Where and how do I get tested for COVID-19 in New Jersey? Who should get testing?

If you do not have symptoms, testing is not recommended. Complete this self-assessment to learn what to do.


There are three types of testing sites:

Community-based testing sites - These sites are open to all New Jerseyans who are experiencing symptoms of respiratory illness

County testing sites - These sites may be restricted to residents or first responders of a specific county. Some also require an appointment and/or prescription from a healthcare provider.

Private testing sites - To access testing at these sites, you must contact your doctor or healthcare provider.

NOTE: Each testing site operates on a schedule and has specific requirements. Please check with that site before visiting as you may be turned away.

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Calendar of Events

School Board Meeting

Wednesday, May 27th, 6:30-9pm

Online Virtual Meeting

Wednesday, May 27 BOT meeting 6:30 pm

Time: May 27, 2020, 06:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 728 1540 4402

Password: 7ST6bE

About US

Founded in 2010 in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, the Academy for Urban Leadership Charter School is one of Middlesex County's comprehensive Public Charter Schools that serves students in seventh through twelfth grades. The school operates under the terms of a charter granted by the New Jersey Department of Education.

When the school first opened in 2010, it did not have the books, tables, or classrooms necessary for students to be in an adequate learning environment. Even the principal, at the time, had to serve as a lunch aide. Since then, AUL has developed to help students receive the education they deserve. AUL has expanded by opening two new campuses, expecting to provide the opportunity for students to continue to succeed, with graduation and college admission, as two of its goals.

AUL offers an advanced academic track and AP courses.

AUL Mission: To employ an educational design and experience that merges the highest standards of academic excellence while fostering convictions and commitment to social and economic justice.