by Porker Yang


The purpose of this experiment was to test the strength an arrow upon impact. I became interested in this experiment I love bow hunting The information gained from this experiment will help others understand when not to shoot if there is a hardness right there.


Greeks were the first people to first make the arrows and shoot them. They used them to shoot down deer, antelope, and bison. They did trick shooting for fun. They shot for who was going hunting for the

As far as an all around hunting arrow I think the carbon arrow has it, toughness, accuracy, consistency. that being said it is probably not the "toughest" arrow. Gold tip makes some very tough arrows and the Carbon express aramid is as tough as any arrow I have ever seen. I love to use carbon arrows. specially when I’m deer I hunting


My hypothesis is the carbon arrow will be the toughest one I base my hypothesis on what arrows I use Because they never break when I'm hunting


1. Shoot one brand of arrow 2 times at the ground

2. Examine both arrows for amount of breakage.

3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 with the second brand of arrow.

4. Repeat steps 1 & 2 with the third brand of arrow.


The original purpose of this experiment was to see which arrow is the strongest. The results of the experiment were that the carbon arrow was worse than the aluminum

The materials I'm using

1. tree_______________ 5. Carbon arrow

2. Cement ___________6. Aluminum arrow

3. Ground

4. bow


My hypothesis was The results indicate that this hypothesis should be considered Based on the results of this experiment If I were to conduct this science fair project again I would use different arrows

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