Modernization in Japan

Ch. 28 Sec. 2 By: Emily, Aubrey, Dimitri, Gray, Isaac

General Information

  • Virtually isolated from early 1600s to mid 1800s
  • Meiji Era – “enlightened rule,” Emperor Mutsuhito’s rule from 1867 to 1912
  • Emperor Mutsuhito rallied support to over throw the shogun, or military dictator
  • To modernize Japan emperor modeled a government after Germany’s government, based army off of Germany’s and navy after Britain’s, adapted American school system, and built railroads, factories, and mined coal
  • Japan’s industrial economy eventually equaled out to the rest of the world
  • After China broke an agreement to send armies into Korea, Japan went to war and gain Taiwan and other islands as new colonies
  • Harsh rulers – Shut down Korean newspapers, schools only taught Japanese language and history, took land from Koreans and gave to Japanese settlers, built factories only run by Japanese workers, Koreans weren’t allowed to set up new businesses
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  • 1853 – American ships came to Japanese waters and Japan agreed to trade
  • 1890 –had strongest military power in Asia
  • 1904 – Japan and Russia fought over China’s Manchurian territory in which Japan won
  • 1905 – Japan attacked Korea
  • 1910 – Japan won complete control

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