Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson joins the NL!

Published-may 10, 1947

Jackie Robinson becomes first African American major league baseball player.

After first playing in the Negro league, Jackie Robinson gets his chance in the National league. In 1945 he became the first and only African American major league baseball player to play on an all-white team. This will change the sport of baseball forever.

Jackie Robinson during his baseball career

About the Athlete

Jackie Roosevelt Robinson was born in 1919 in Georgia. Despite this, he was raised in California. He worked as a food salesman and a newspaper deliverer as a child, to help his family. His father abandoned him, so he had to work to help support his family at a young age. Despite this, he acceded in sports as a teenager. At his technical high school he played many sports and continued to pursue sports past high school at junior college. He participated in track, basketball, and baseball. He played well enough to earn him an athletic scholarship to UCLA. He was a promising young baseball and football player, but financial struggles forced him to drop out of college. A rare opportunity came soon after, as Jackie got a chance to play pro football. His excitement soon was cut short as he was drafted into the army in 1942. He fought over seas for 3 years, until returning in 1945. He got a second chance in a 2nd sport shortly after he returned. The negro league offered Jackie an opportunity to play for the Kansas city monarchs. His phenomenal playing in the negro league earned him a spot on the Montreal Royals of the international AAA team. This was an incredible feat to accomplish due to his color, and how much colored people were discriminated against in this time period. This made him a hero and role model for many black athletes around the world. Once again, he performed unbelievably in yet another baseball league. In April of the next year he got a a chance to play in the national league. This was the biggest stage he had ever been in. Early on insults and discrimination plagued him and he did not form as well as some had thought. This changed throughout the year and he won the national league rookie of the year. We are all excited to see what he will do next year! Will he repeat his success from last year?

Why is Jackie Robinson a hero?

Jackie Robinson possessed many qualities that made him a modern day hero. He proved you could do anything you put your mind to. This inspired many Americans, during a time of racism and hardships for all African Americans. He paved the way for other African Americans to play professional sports. Also, Jackie Robinson inspired many to push through and keep fighting for their cause. Due to his courage, and inspiration to others, Jackie Robinson is a modern day hero.