The Flash

With Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder


The Flash tries his best to avoid food and often chooses to eat just enough to get by, because of this he has suffered extreme weight loss.

He developed this disorder from trauma. When he was a child, The Flash was eating a Tic Tac and choked on one. The Flash was so horrified of eating he began to eat nothing but water and mushy stuff (things like pudding and mashed potatoes) that he could not choke on. This led to extreme weight loss.
Unfortunately The Flash found a way to choke on his pudding, which led to him be even pickier on the foods he eats.

Before Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder

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After Avoidant Food intake disorder

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This disorder can affect people regardless of age. The percentages of the population with this disorder is unknown.


The Flash got this disorder due to childhood trauma. He choked on food when he was little and gained a fear of choking, causing him to eat less and be picker about what he does eat.
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Curing Avoidant Food Intake Disorder

This disorder can be cured through therapy. By utilizing the psychoanalysis approach to psychology, we can conclude that The Flash's disorder was a result from childhood trauma . So it could be handled through exposure therapy.
It can also be cured through cognitive behavioral therapy.
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