Civil War on Sunday

Author;Mary Pope Osborne Project by:Alissa Leger

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The conflict of the story is man.vs.time.So Jack and Annie have to find words and they need to to be home for dinner.An things keep getting in the way because they valenterd to be nrses to to give food and water to hurt soliders if needed.

story plot

exposition;the story,''civli war on sunday'' setting:takes place in jack's and annie's house

chareters: jack and Annie

Annie sees a flashing light.So Annie ran to Jack's room.And wakes Jack up it was Morgen in the tree house.

Text Evidence Setting:It says in chapter 1 that they were in there rooms sleeping at home.

Rising Action:So Jack and Annie go to the tree house.Morgen leaves a note and a book.The note is asking Jack and Annie that they need to find some words in the book Morgen left.So Jack and Annie went in the book.

Climax:They find all the words in a note the naurs gave to them.When they valenterd to be a naurse.

Resolution:They leave and go home.They saw there great-great-great grandfather John.


The them of ''Civil War on Sunday'' is be friendly to people if someone is feeling down or upset.


The antagonist in ''Civil War on Sunday'' is Clara Barton

4 facts

1.More soldiers were killed in the civil war than in any other war in American history.

2.In 1861,when the civil war began,about 3 and a half million people were slaves in the south.

3.In 1865,president Abram Lincoln convinced congress to pass the 13th amendment to the constitution,with abolished salvery thoughtout the nation.

4.Eleven states fought for the confederacy twenty-three states fought for the union.


Is that Jack and Annie went in the ''Civil War'' book Morgen left.