Top 10 email ectiquette tips

What ever person needs to know

Subject Line

in the subject line of an email make sure you have the main point of the email like date change because a lot of people open the Emil based on subject line.

Professional emails an personal emails

Make sure you use a professional email for work or school an personal email for home.

Reply All

Don't always hit reply all and make sure everybody needs to see the email. Not everybody wants these unwanted emails popping on the smartphone or computer.

mistaken for spam

Don't put all caps in the subject line because the person receiving the email could mistaken it for spam.

Text talk no no

When your sending in an important email don't use text talk because it does not look professional at all.

Work matters only

Only discuss matters that your with everybody hearing because emails could be passed around an everybody could know what you said.

Humor Confusion

Humor can get easily confused because the person receiving the email can not tell your of voice. They could think your being really but not so stay away from using humor on emails.

Greetings and Closing

On your email make sure it has a correct greeting and closing.

The power of spell check

Make sure there is no mispelled words or grammar problems.

Ask first

Ask before you send a big file necause it will be very anoying.