Plant A Tree to stop deforestation

by: kyal wardle

reflection #1

Going into exhibition is making me feel excited and nervous to see how all the groups are going to work. I am nervous because I don’t know how I am going to work with or how it is going to workout and how is my subject is. I feel excited because I can’t wait to see how the few weeks are going to be like and how my group and me are going to co-operate.

During this unit I am not going to copy off pages on the Internet and to avoid websites were anyone could add an irrelevant sentence or paragraph, like Wikipedia.

reflection #2

The two most PYP learner profiles i have used the most are Inquirer, and Balanced. I was an Inquirer the most because I had to research information about the causations of deforestation. In many books and websites to help get my two page essay and i had to be an Inquirer by helping my group members with information when i am researching for my self. I also was a Balanced person by using my class time correct and by balancing my Exhibition and my play time when i was at home.

I have contributed to my exhibition by researching for me and my group members and by making sure we are all getting work done and not messing around and i do this with Breyton. Some of my ideas going forward are that we have to work together better and communicate with each other so we know what needs down and what does not. We also have to be able to work together with out arguments and i can see us being able to work together with each other understanding the others.

I would say that the deforestation group does not always work together collaborative needs improvement as well as our management of issues because we might have conflicts and we need to know how to settle it quickly so we can continue on our work. We also have to be able to avoid any conflicts even when there has been a conflict earlier on.

Reflection #3-4

The research skills i used were to ask questions that go deeper then simple ones for example "what are the main reasons for deforestation?" and when i find a website that is good i read though and record the data i got then i start organizingg the data to make my essay. I found the sources that assisted me in my research by asking the right question to get deep in that subject. The most challenging part of the research was to find the good websites that can help me a lot and not he ones that mention one thing i am looking for.


I showed commitment and confidence. I showed commitment because i wanted to get the art component out of the way so we could get on to other components i also was committed because I wanted to help my group and i wanted to try and help my piers out to get this part out of the way. I showed confidence because i was confident that my group could do this part quickly and that it would be good and fun to do it as well.

My group members showed co-operation and enthusiasm to the making of paper and how that can be made into a bookmark. We showed co-operation by being able to work nicely with each other and not fighting to much and making the work easer to do. We showed enthusiasm to the work that made us faster with the work and being able to enjoy what we were doing. When we were showing these attitudes we were able to get a lot of work done in a day.


I contributed ti the media component by editing and speaking in the film to say the steps along with breyton. I feel like i contributed fairly because i did a lot of work in this when no one else is there to do it. Our media component can be improved by speaking more clearly into the microphone and being more prepared for the filming and have all the stuff ready but i do think Kelvin and Jessica could have helped me and Breyton.


What i enjoined the most of our presentation was when we told them about how you could make paper from already used ones. I think that them being able to take home bookmarks from this paper to have a memory and to have an idea for their exhibition later. I also liked that my group spook very clearly and that the audience could hear us.

The presentation skills i showed are speaking clearly along with my group members because when we speak clearly it is easer to understand your self and the other people. I also kept eye contact so that i could make sure they are paying attention

instead of ignoring us. I made sure i was presenting at a good pace so that could here me clearly instead of going to fast and them asking a lot of questions at the end that i have answered in the presentation.


For this reflection i choose to list key words and phrases from the Save The Waves group. The key words and phrases i can remember from this group is; People dump in the ocean, Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and pesticides is dangers to the environment. i find these the most important; People dump in the ocean, Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and litter on the beach. My questions i had in my mind are; What would happen if all of the world stopped killing marine life? How can you help stop this problem? Why do we need to stop this problem.


My mentors are Ms. Watt and Ms. Shaikh. The mentors have tribute to use by giving us ideas to help us get further in our exhibition and to get us closer to finishing the exhibition. When we met our mentors it is like they are in our group helping us whenever they could and always they’re to help us. When we met we seat in a circle to talk about what is going on and what we could do to improve it and why we could.


The first graph is the answers for question 2. I found that many people knew what trees were used for and I was surprised that a grade 8 got the question wrong but I think it was a April fools prank. The second graph is the answers to question 3. In this question many people did not know the answer that 31% of the world is covered with forests. I was surprised that 28% of the grade 4’s knew the answer. The third graph is the answers for question 4. In this graph I found that not many people knew about how much football fields are lost every minute. What I found strange was that the grade 5’s knew more about deforestation then the grade 7’s and they did it last year.