The Tundra

Life about the Tundra


  1. extremly cold climate
  2. low biotic diversity
  3. simple vegetation structure
  4. limitation of drainage
  5. short season of growth and reproduction
  6. energy and nutrients in the form of dead organic material
  7. large population oscillations


  1. Polar Bears
  2. Arctic Foxes
  3. Penguins
  4. Flat Fish and Salmon
  5. Ravens
  6. Falcons
  7. Cod
  8. Artic Bumble Bees
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parts of the tundra :)


Plants that live in the Tundra

  1. Low Shrubs
  2. Sedges
  3. Reindeer Mosses
  4. Liverworts
  5. Grasses
  6. 400 varieties of flowers
  7. Crustose
  8. Foliose Lichen

Adaptions For Plants

its hard for the plants in the tundra to survive in adaptations in a different place.


  1. Alaska
  2. northern Canada
  3. Greenland
  4. northern Scandinavia
  5. Northern Siberia
  6. Russia
  7. ;the Tundra is about 3 million square miles long and covers about 20% of the earths surface. the temperatures range from 55-75 degrees N.

Human Survival

The tundra is the worst place to survive.The true tundra the ground is always frozen and finding food that you can eat it will be almost impossible.
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More Bio About The Tundra

The Tundra is the coldest place in the world. Human survival rate is about 10 percent. If you ever decide to go visit the Tundra good luck and bring a soft coat and don't die.

From:Leah and Franklin