Henry Bibb

A slave against Slavery

As a Young Teenager...

As a young teenager for Henry Bibb his life was bad. He was sold to the Vires's family, in Kentucky. He was abused by the wife poorly. Bibb was sent to Kentucky as a laborer to neighboring farms, and was soon educated as a young adult.

Bibb Spoke out Against Slavery

Henry Bibb was a slave. Mostly everyday is when he tried to escape, but he got caught. They would then abuse him for his actions. He tried, and tried again and he finally escaped slavery. When he did this he spoke out against slavery to talk about how, and why it is bad.

About His Family

Henry Bibb had a lot of siblings. Including him there were seven children in his family. His father, James Bibb, was a state senator and his mother Mildred Jackson, was a slave like Henry. She worked on a plantation. As a young child, he saw most of him siblings go off into slave hood. One day he was sold. He now knew that he was "a slave, a prisoner for life."

Henry Bibb and his Family

As a Slave

Henry Bibb got taken away to a slave as a young child. He was making many attempts to escape. When he did he was soon found. When he was with his family they escaped. Later, they were found, after unfortunately being attacked by wolves. It took a long time to escape, (for about a month). When he did escape he wrote a autobiography an became a well known African American slave.

The Big Accomplishments

Henry got married to Malinda who is a slave and only lived about four miles away from him. He then had a daughter named Frances. One day when Bibb escaped from slavery for freedom he found the underground railroad, which took him the Canada. But, he was betrayed and was sent back with only to see how family there. He never faced up hope when he didn't fully make the escape, but when he did make it he got educated as an adult. After this, he wrote an autobiography about his challenges.
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