Moutain Lion

By: Nijahia Sanchez

The Moutain Lion

The physhical apperance of a Moutian Lion is primarily grey, brown, or even a red-brown coat and  long tail. An adult male Moutian Lion weighs up to 148 to 227 pounds and measures 6 to 9 feet from head to tail, and can live 8 to 13 years old.

Behavior and habitat

Although a baby Moutian Lion may seem cute and cudly at first they soon will grow into a carnivorous beast that kills for food. Because these animals have small eyes and pupils there vision works best at night time where they are more active and hunting for something to eat. Even though you can find a Moutian Lion anywhere in the world you can commonly find them in terrestrial areas.

Protection Law for the Moutian Lion

Even though you can pretty much find a Moutain Lion anywhere in the world, they still have laws to protect them from extinction. Majority of the laws for the Moutian Lion protects it from mainly hunters, who would commonly hunt this beautiful creature for it's luxurious coat or just because they are hunting animals. Also in some places in the United States they strictly prohibit hunting animals with no questions asked.