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Earthquake PBL

How can we, as structural engineers , construct a two-story house for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity?

The Earthquake PBL was one of the funnest, collaborative, and academic projects that I've ever taken part of in my whole life. In my/our group were the members: Eder Lopez, Muhammad Ansari, Jonathon Kim, and Daniel Cordero. There were many challenges that members of the group, such as slacking off, or putting minimal effort. But as the Wiki Project Manager, I sucsessfully had the responsibility to talk to the teacher about it, and me and the productive members got the grade we deserve.

Atmosphere 30 Hands Project

The Atmospher Project, by far, was the funnest activity that I ever got to take part in. I know that is was individual, which was a downer, but when I went through the steps of the project, it became VERY fun. I like to record myself to hear how high pitch my voice gets because it is funny. We recieved a script that provided answers for some questions like: What is the Green House effect? What are the results of Global Warming? (Achem, Polar Bear.). So, after my very, very long script, I recorded myself and it took 7 minutes and 31 seconds.

Invention Convention

The Invention Convention PBL was my favorite collaboration project. It was me and my good friend, David. I decided to make us have different roles for the efficiency of the project, so I did the hand-writing and picture, and David did the research. Then, when we finished, we let Mrs. Chappas sign off our papers. After that, me and David designed a model for our invention, the Solar-Activated Fire Place, which doesn't produce any biomass fuels or exert greenhouse gases. The base was made of a cereal box from Pops. Then, we attached the width of the box as something to put as a roof. Finally, we draw a picture of a solar panel and a fire ball to represent the conversion of solar energy to electricity.
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