War Horse

The boy and the horse at the end of the story


England birthplace of Shakespeare and The Beatles – is a country in the British Isles bordering Scotland and Wales
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Man Vs. Society

War. the British declare war with the Germans which began World War I. A lot of great men lost their lives serving their countries. Both the British and German soldiers loved to be around Joey such as Captain Nicholls, Trooper Warren and Herr Hauptmann.

Favorite Character

Joey is a young colt. After being seperated from his mother, he was bought by Albert's father at an auction. Joey has a strange white cross on his forhead. Joey loves spending time with Albert and is about to go through a lot.

How The Story Ends

The climax of the story is that Albert and Joey get back together. The soldiers rescue Joey from the barbed wire and take him to clean him. Albert sees Joey and tells the other soldiers that he is his. The other soldiers think he is crazy, but Albert tells the squadron about the white cross on his forehead. After the squadron cleans him up, they see the mark and keep Joey.