Terrorist Attacks

By:Jasmine Davidson

About September,11 or 9/11

On September,11 2001 terrorist hijacked 4 planes and 2 of them hit the twin towers in New York they caught on fire and caused them to collapse.Suicide bomber were spreaded out and attacking everywhere. The 1st and 2nd plane hit the world trade center.The 1st one hit around the 80th floor many people got trapped.
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More info

  • The second plane hit the world trade center but it hit around the 60th floor.The building collapsed.The third plane hit the pentagon and destroyed a part of it.125 military personnel and civilians were killed along with the 64 people who were on the plane. The 4th plane crashed in a field ,but many say they tried to hit the white house passengers fought them and prevented them from reaching there goal.

5 facts about 911

  • The pentagon was repaired within a year
  • Only 6 people who were in the world trade center survived
  • 10000 people were injured many very severe
  • 343 firefighters and paramedics were injured
  • 18 people were rescued alive in the rubble

2 people involved in 911

Mohamed atta was the driver of the 1st plane he crashed the plane into the world trade center.

Osama bin laden was the leader of the 911 attacks he was found in a hideout he got tracked down by the FBI and they killed him.

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2 ways 911 affected 911

9-11 affected Texas by making our security better and it helped us be prepared for what may happen next.

Another way 9-11 affected Texas is that it teaches how important our life is now an that we need to expect what might happen next.

2 reasons i chose this event

  • The first reason i chose this event was because it was a big part in history it needs to be know about or the people who died for us died for nothing!
  • The second reason is because it would be as if nothing had ever happened you cant just ignore a big part of history.