The Big war of 1812!

When history takes a turn By: Kyle barron

Important People

William henry harris, dolly madison, James madison, Oliver hazard perry, king George III, and so on.

Effects of War

Peace treaty was signed, Britain lost 2,000 soldiers and America lost 71, many Americans grew more confident after the war, it created a lot of patriotism and pride in the nation, it ended problems with the British navy.

Causes of war/native Americans

France and Great Britain were at war, the Americans wanted to stay nutral but they couldn't.

France and Great Britain didn't want the other to trade with them. Great Britain and the united states were in conflict over the northwest territory. The Shawnee Indians were uniting to drive the settlers out of northwest territory. the Indians sided with the British against the U.S.


Early 1800's- British controlled what is now Canada. 1811- American Indians attacking U.S. troops. June 1812- congress declared war with great Britain. august 1814- British attacked Washington D.C. September 14- the Americans refused to surrender fort McHenry. end of 1814- they signed a treaty in the city of Ghent. end of 1815- Conflict ended