Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury

By: Grant Cohen

Introduction to Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury

Did you know that athletes, that play contact sports are more at risk of brain injury than the average person? Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury is caused by external force or repeated blows to the head. The injury turns chronic when it causes lifelong problems that are progressive and ongoing. Because Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury is caused by repeated blows to the head, it usually can be prevented by wearing safety helmets and by avoiding anything that puts one at risk of a head injury.

Symptoms of Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury

Brain Injury is a serious issue, and it is important that you know the symptoms. Some symptoms may be unconsciousness, head ache, vomiting, nausea, lack of motor control, dizziness, balance problems, blurred vision, ringing in the ears and lethargy. Some behavioral symptoms can be changes in mood, confusion, memory problems and concentration problems. If you have any of these symptoms you may have Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury and you should see a doctor. (Brain Injury Treatment 1)

First Baseball Player with Chronic Traumatic Brain injury ( Example )

This is the story of Ryan Freel a former Cincinnati Red. In his six years with the Reds, Ryan Freel wowed the fans with his fearless style. He ran in to walls, made diving catches, and overall was a daredevil. He endured 10 concussions in his baseball career. His repeated injuries led to an early retirement in 2010. He later went crazy and killed himself. Ryan is now the first baseball player with CTE a type of Chronic Brain Injury. The 10 concussions probably led to the injury because brain injury is caused by blows to the head. (Khazan 1)

Treatment of Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury

" Treatment of Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury varies depending on the type and severity of the injury." Some treatments vary to mild medications, to more intense treatments, like surgery. Some follow up treatments usually include therapy like, physical, speech, and occupational therapy. Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury should be treated as soon as possible. Without treatment the injury could grow worse. (Brain Injury Treatment 1)

Conclusion to Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury

To keep yourself from risk of getting Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury by wearing safety helmets, and by avoiding dangerous activities that could put you at risk for head injuries. You should remember what to look for in symptoms, what happens when you have the brain injury, and how doctors treat the injury. Next time you are doing something dangerous, remember what could happen.

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