End Hate Crimes!

Elizabeth Bailey

What is Hate Crime?

A crime that is motivated by race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability, status or any other prejudices or stereotypes.

Who is Affected by Hate Crime?

Anyone is vulnerable to hate crime. Hate crime occurs once every two minutes. That means there are 250 thousand hate crimes per year!

What Causes Hate Crime?

Misunderstanding and Lack of Education

Teenagers, who are most susceptible to hate groups, live on the internet, and there are thousands of hate groups online that are accessible through a simple google search.

For Example: Bare Naked Islam is a website of true hate. You can even buy T-Shirts so you can be a walking billboard of hate. Below is an example of one of the people who quickly buy into one of these hate websites.

Big image

What Can I do to Help?

Now that you can see how accessible and prevalent hate groups are online, YOU should get involved. Education against hate in public schools could drastically reduce hate crime rate. Take action and email the Georgia Board of Education today!

Contact the Georgia Board of Education

Here is an email YOU can use to help decrease hate crime. (PamSmith@doe.k12.ga.us)

Hello Mrs. Smith,

I am contacting you because there is an epidemic of hate in our world, and one of the causes of this problem is lack of education in high schools on other cultures. Accessibility to the internet coupled with lack of formal education makes teenagers susceptible to online hate groups. My proposition is to introduce counter-hate education in our public schools that teach understanding. A new education program is vital here in Georgia because the southeast is the most hate-crime heavy area in the United States with about 250 thousand hate crimes committed per year, or about one every two seconds. This means that someone was unjustly victimized by the time you have finished reading this sentence. Education will work, and I know this because race-based hate crime has dropped by ten percent over the past decade due to massive effort in education against it, according to a study done by the FBI. However, hate crime is still prevalent and even rising against other groups such as Muslims and the LGBT community. Even though hate crime rates have generally fallen in the past few years, 250 thousand victims is 250 thousand too many, and this program will reduce that number significantly.

Thank you for your time,

(Insert Name)