Tommy Tall for President

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The President's 8 Roles

Chief Executive: Mr. Tall will lead the nation is a classy and powerful manner.

Commander in Chief: Mr. Tall will call upon the military to protect our citizens as well as to help protect world citizens.

Chief Legislature: Mr. Tall will work with Congress to pass appropriate bills to help lead our nation.

Chief Administrator: Mr. Tall will work to improve relations with all countries and minimize conflict while protecting world citizens.

Chief of Citizens: Mr. Tall will try to positively impact every citizen's life as much as he can while in office.

Chief of the Party: Mr. Tall will represent the Republican party and work with the Democratic party to minimize conflict and maximize efficiency.

Chief Diplomat: Mr. Tall will attempt to form foreign policy in a way that respects other countries while respecting the rights of the individual.


Mr. Tall attended University of Chicago and majored in computer science. He then attended Harvard Law School. He practiced law for 20 years and has served as a US Senator for the last 10 years.


Tommy Tin believes in an open, free economy with minimal government intervention. Some monetary policy may be used to keep the economy stable, but trade should be left up to private firms. Competition not only helps consumers by lowering prices but also helps to produce better products and more efficient production.


Tommy Tin believes in learning by experience. He wants to minimize standard testing so that teachers have more freedom to teach. Therefore, students will learn more than just how to correctly take a multiple choice. After all, life is not a multiple choice test.


Tommy Tin believes on a minimal tax bracket system. Although some tax system is necessary as a tool to stabilize the economy, it should not be extreme. If the wealthy are taxed too heavily, then no one will have an incentive to work hard to make enough money just to give it all back to the government.
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