Alzheimer Disease

Alzheimer's is a type of Dementia

What causes this disease?

Almost all the cases studied so far of early-onset Alzheimer's are caused by a gene mutation, and can be passed down from parent to child. When any of these genes get altered a toxic protein is produced in the brain. The chromosomes affected by this disorder are 1, 14, and 21.

Do you have Alzheimer's?

There are 10 warning signs of Alzheimer's to watch out for!

  1. Memory loss that interrupts everyday life
  2. Challenges in solving problems and making plans
  3. Difficulty completely tasks that have been done everyday- at work or at leisure
  4. Confusion with where one is with time or place
  5. Trouble comprehending images and keeping relationships
  6. Experiencing new problems in speaking and/or writing
  7. Misplacing items and not remembering where one was before
  8. Poor judgement of situations
  9. Decreasing of activity and work
  10. Changes in personality and mood
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These are scary statistics...

Currently, the disease only starts to becoming noticeable in older ages (65+), but there have been some recent cases of people around 30 or 40 starting to get symptoms. Children do not get this disorder right now. Anyone who has this disease will need a caregiver further down the road, whether that be a family member or a nurse. A patient with Alzheimer's will need assistance with everyday tasks eventually, whether that be going to the store or eating a meal.
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Prenatal diagnosis tests can detect a larger risk for a gene mutation. Although, the test is not very likely to be performed unless a family member has been diagnosed with the genetic mutation before the one that is pregnant. These tests are not extremely accurate because even if you have the genetic mutation that doesn't guarantee you will have it.
Alzheimer's has not been determined exactly how it is inherited. There have been some studies shown though.
  • inheriting the e4 allele
  • autosomal dominant pattern
  • one copy of the changed gene in one cell is enough to cause it
You can have children with this disease. Normally, you will have them before you start noticing the signs at a later age. If you have Alzheimer's and have had a child, that child has a 50/50 chance of receiving the dominant disorder. A person affected gets the altered gene from one affected parent with the disorder.
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For example...

  • Aricept (all stages)
  • Exelon Patch (mild to moderate)
  • Razadyne (mild to moderate)
  • Namenda (moderate to severe)
Alzheimer's causes brain cells to die and connections between cells get lost. These medicines will not stop this from happening, but may lessen and slow down symptoms for a limited time.

Current Research Status

The Alzheimer's Association continues to have funds for studying the influence that food, exercise, and social and mental stimulation factor in the development of Alzheimer's. People are constantly funding and looking more into the brain to find a cure for this disease.