Perserverance of underdogs


"we grew up learning to cheer on the underdog because we see ourselves in them''. - Shane Koyczan. This is my all time favorite quote because it relates to me and many others in the world. It relates to mostly everything an example of it is when there was segregation the blacks were the underdogs and some of the whites wanted to help overcome being an underdog. They did this by some conducting the underground railroad and some by protesting. However this isn't the only example of an underdog having a problem and then fixing with a good solution. Something i learned about perseverance of underdogs is that no matter what even if your the underdog you can prevail.


All around the world many boys and girls like to root for the underdogs. There are many different effects however it can be good or bad. It can be good if you or the person you want to win, wins because youll be happy if they win but if you or they lose than it can lead to depression or something close to that. An example of an underdog winning at something is Cristiano Ronaldo finally ended Lionel Messi's four-year reign as football's best player in 2013 and a starring role for Portugal at the World Cup finals would cap another stellar season for the astonishing forward. The 29-year-old from humble roots on the island of Madeira is now a marketing phenomenon with almost 80 million followers on Facebook. He scooped his second Ballon d'Or award in January despite not winning any silverware with Real Madrid last season. To conclude if you put your mind to something you can get it done with the help of fans or just by yourself.


An underdog has many characteristics such as deamination and persistency, however its way more than that you need courage and grit. If you are an underdog and want to persevere than you need to 1. overcome your fears, 2.dont worry about what other people think of you, 3. practice and work hard at what you do, 4. be persistent and determined, and finally 5. be humble and always communicate . An example of when you would want to use these steps is when your in a sport or business and your the underdog compared to your competitor, I know this because in the beginning of my teams baseball season we would lose like every single game but when we started to communicate and we started to win a lot more. This just goes to show that if you work and are persistent/determined you can accomplish anything even if you are the underdog.


Underdog: a person, team, etc. ; that is expected to lose a contest or battle. This word describes most of the world whether it be for sports, for business, or for a battle, or fight. There are many characteristics of an underdog. However the basic characteristics are determination, hardworking., a can do attitude, and positivity. some examples of underdogs are " In the last 10 years, the underdogs have been barking in the biggest game in football covering eight out of ten times and also winning half of the games straight up". Like in the movie water boy, a college water boy for football is always getting made fun of just because he stutters and is the water boy but he finally gets mad and joins football and shows everyone that he is just as good as them if not better. But it doesn't just have to be for sports like in the movie lone survivor special ops team redwings went on a scouting mission and end up getting spotted by the enemy, however they didn't give up they fought until they ran out of ammo and then they couldn't do anything but one of them survived after being hurt from falls and bullets he gets home barely alive. I am always happy when the underdog wins because nobody thinks that they will


''Its always better to shock people and change peoples expectations than to give them exactly what they think you can do'' - Jonah Hill. Longshot, worthless, little guy, victim, loser, we have all heard these words before, and they all have to do with what we think an underdog is. All the underdogs in the world have to get past all the hate and all the words they get called just to succeed, as much as they want to they cant they get pulled down deeper and deeper.Even the most famous people now, used to be underdogs just like Jonah Hill as he once said '' I am no longer the underdog in the world, its just that I've done a bunch of movies so your not shocked.'' In conclusion we can all get up from being knocked down, and not be an under dog.