The Mine-O-Saur

By: Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen


A group of happy dinosaurs are playing in the school yard when their fun is quickly ruined by a selfish little dino named Mine-O-Saur. He steals all of their toys and their snacks throughout the day, and after a while all of the other dinosaurs just get sick of it, and go off to play without him. It isn't until his friends don't want to be friends anymore that he realizes how selfish he is being, and doesn't want the snacks or toys anymore. It is that moment when he doesn't claim the toys and snacks as his own that his friends give him a second chance.

Digital Book

I really enjoyed the experience of reading a digital book rather than a hard copy. From the WeGiveBooks website it was a very simple and interactive process to use for reading a book. The one downside I felt can be an annoyance to users would be having to register before reading any of the books. You have to have a valid e-mail address, and must be 13 years or older. So for young children who are trying to use this website this could be a problem, especially if this is being used at school and they do not have an email address, or their parents do not as well. This website also didn't have the option to be able to listen to the story, it was just a basic arrow system to move back and forward in the book.
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