Cambridge Park High School

Targeted Sports Program 2015

Expressions of Interest - Targeted Sports Program 2015

The Targeted Sports Program (TSP) is a unique user pays training program offering year 7 students 120 minutes of specialised sports tuition per week. The program is coordinated by the Head Teacher PDHPE with a trained PDHPE teacher assigned as mentor to each of the 4 sports offered. The training sessions are conducted by highly qualified PDHPE teachers/coaches and the opportunity exists to represent at school, region and state level.

The selection criteria for entry into the TSP has been designed to identify talented sports students who are able to reach their academic, social potential and physical demands of competing and training at an elite level.

Selection criteria may include:

· Skill level

· Fitness level

· Potential for development in chosen sport

· Demonstrated commitment to academic studies

· Satisfactory level of school conduct

Steps for enrolment in TSP

  1. Please return:
    a) a parent/guardian application and Declaration,
    b) a student application and Choice of Sport,
    c) your child's most recent school reports.

  2. You will be invited to selection trials.

  3. A selection panel will review each application and make recommendations to the Principal or their delegate.

Applications close Wednesday 17 December Term 4, 2014