1/21/21 Academic Affairs Brief

Faculty & Academic Staff Email Updates Sent Bi-Weekly

This Brief Includes:

  • Important Upcoming Dates
  • Advice For Initial Announcement In Spring Courses
  • CLT DEI Resource
  • Enrollment Verification: Updated Timeline
  • Week 4 Faculty Survey - Student Success

Faculty Brief Email Archive


  • 01/25 - Classes begin virtually
  • 01/25 - 01/29 - Add/Drop Period
  • 02/01 - 02/02 - Enrollment Verification

(See below for a full list of semester dates.)


Every faculty member should post an initial Canvas announcement for your students. You should include information about how to connect to the first class of the semester, including a hyperlink. You may want to include a video message to help start to make a personal connection with your students.

The sample template below has been modified to include information about book ordering through the bookstore:

I am looking forward to our course. Our class’s first class meeting will be on _(day)_ at _(time)_ Eastern Standard Time. We will be meeting using _(Google Meet / Zoom)_, please use this link to connect to our class webinar.

For this class there is a required book, ______. I have heard that there have been some issues with book ordering through the bookstore. When we meet as a class, I’ll work with you to determine how the issues with the bookstore may or may not have impacted us.

For class, please be prepared with _(edit to fit your class’s needs)_ and a working microphone. If you don’t have a microphone that works well, you can find the information for calling into the webinar here. I am encouraging everyone to enable their video camera on the first day of class, it will help you in both meeting your peers and forming a classroom community where we can support and get to know each other this semester.


Champlain College faculty made the decision to make diversity, equity and inclusion priorities in their course design and delivery. The CLT hopes to support these efforts. Please take time to review the DEI Training Course. Please opt-in to the Faculty Reading Group led by Dr. Michael Lange. Faculty will read and discuss Friction by Anna Tsing (Free book for the first 15 participants). Finally, please join our community for a variety of small group discussions focused on DEI. See the CLT’s event descriptions for details starting on page 6.

To help you prepare for the start of the semester, here is a helpful article which provides seven ways you can make your course and classroom environment more inclusive.


Faculty will complete enrollment verification for their courses 2/1 - 2/2 in WebAdvisor (Monday or Tuesday of Week 2). All faculty should keep track of attendance for the first two weeks in order to facilitate your ability to complete enrollment verification. Champlain College must verify enrollment of all students in order to properly distribute financial aid money.

Academically related activities other than class attendance can qualify for verifying enrollment. Please read the instructions to understand what qualifies. Instructions for Enrollment Verification


Faculty will receive a survey in week 4 of the semester asking them to identify students they are concerned about academically. Students who are flagged in these surveys will be contacted and encouraged to take advantage of the support resources available to them. By systemizing this process, we are hoping to be proactive early in the semester and to relieve pressure on the SCART process for more minor concerns (missing assignments/attendance). This process is designed to align with the grading standards in the Spring course standards. We will share more details of this process in a future brief.

Important Dates

  • 01/25 - Classes begin virtually

  • 01/25 - 01/29 - Add/Drop Period

  • 02/01 - 02/02 - Enrollment Verification

  • 02/08 - On-campus instruction begins

  • 03/14 - Midterm grades due

  • TBD - Summer & Fall 2021 registration

  • 04/09 - Last day to withdraw from a class or the College

  • 04/28 - Last day to request an incomplete grade for Spring 2021

  • 04/30 - Last day to request a medical withdrawal

  • 04/30 - Last day of classes

  • 05/03 - 05/07 - Finals Week

  • 05/09 - Final grades due

  • 05/15 - Commencement