Warrior Whistle

October 2022

400 Montgomery Avenue

West Chester, PA 19380

Phone: 484-266-3300

Fax: 484-266-3399


Warrior Administrative Team

Jason P. Sherlock, Ed.D.

Building Principal and 9th grade Administrator


Mr. Andy Grear

Assistant Principal and 10th grade Administrator


Dr. Crystal Dowdell

Assistant Principal and 11th grade Administrator


Dr. Elisha Ozer

Assistant Principal and 12th grade Administrator


Administrative Assistants

Mrs. Kirsten Leonard

Secretary to the Principal



Mrs. Mariah Kyler

Secretary to the Assistant Principals



Ms. Kim Fanning

Secretary to the Assistant Principals



Mrs. Jen Ford

Athletic Director Secretary



Mrs. Stephanie Price

Attendance Secretary



Counseling Office

Mrs. Ashley Sullivan, M. Ed.

Counselor: 9th-12th (A-Cri)


Ms. Heather Bratton, M.S.

Counselor: 9th-12th (Cro-Gr)


Mrs. Morgan Gamble, M. Ed.

Counselor: 9th-12th (Gu-Lee)


Ms. Colleen Allen, M. Ed.

Counselor: 9th-12th (Lef-Pa)


Mrs. Kathy Teague. M. Ed.

Counselor: 9th-12th (Pe-Sma)


Ms. Rebecca Singer, M. Ed.

Counselor: 9th-12th (Smc-Z)


Mr. Dave Robertson, M. Ed.

Career Education Counselor


Ms. Candy Jakubowski, M. Ed.

Crisis Interventionist Counselor


John C. Thomas, M. S.

School Psychologist



Mrs. Janelle Hoole, LCSW

School Caseworker



Mrs. Sharon MacNamara

Secretary (A-K)



Mrs. Karen Pyle

Secretary (L-Z)



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2022-2023 Bell Schedule

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Grade Reporting Schedule


First Marking Period –Monday, August 29, 2022 – Thursday, November 3, 2022

Second Marking Period – Friday, November 4, 2022 – Thursday, January 19, 2023

Third Marking Period – Friday, January 20, 2023 – Friday, March 24, 2023

Fourth Marking Period– Monday, March 27, 2023 –Thursday, June 15, 2023

Dates are subject to change pending number of snow days used.

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West Chester Area School District

Educating and inspiring students to achieve their personal best

Safety and Security Talking Points

New and returning WCASD families may express concerns regarding the safety and security of their children while in our buildings due to the school-related and public tragedies that have occurred in recent months. The following talking points have been created to assist school leaders in effectively addressing these concerns.

Talking Point #1: Safety & Security Overview

This talking point offers a brief overview of the investments that the WCASD has made in the area of safety and security. Families may express specific concerns regarding certain safety measures, but if they are simply looking for reassurance that WCASD is committed to ensuring the safety and security of our students and staff this language is helpful for the beginning of a conversation.

● WCASD now has six full-time staff members, called Campus Security Officers (CSOs), assigned to monitor and respond to safety and security concerns as well as a Public Safety Supervisor.

● WCASD staff and students receive safety and security training and participate in drills each year.

● All WCASD buildings have detailed emergency response plans that are kept confidential to ensure these plans remain effective.

● WCASD has invested in safety and security technologies such as a new visitor management platform; building cameras; cellular, radio, and emergency responder communication amplification; and flagging concerning online searches conducted by students on district technology.

● It is the district’s practice to keep all doors closed and locked with entrance to the building being available only to those with district employee badges and through interacting with the front office to be allowed inside.

● WCASD has increased the number of Mental Health Therapists from three to 12.

● The district and our pupil services team work closely with local law enforcement and statewide safety platforms in the event of concerns or potential threats.

● Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) practices are embedded in the district’s instructional strategies to help students navigate social interactions and develop vital skills.

Talking Point #2: Safety & Security Personnel and Law Enforcement

This talking point details the safety and security personnel that serve the WCASD, their qualifications, and relationship with local law enforcement.

● WCASD now has six full-time staff members, called Campus Security Officers (CSOs), assigned to monitor and respond to safety and security concerns as well as a Supervisor of Safety and Security.

● The team of CSOs, led by the Supervisor of Safety and Security, Rik Thornton, not only increases the presence of security personnel but it also provides significant flexibility to best serve the safety of our students and staff. Our security personnel continue to work closely and in coordination with local law enforcement.

● CSO positions typically have law enforcement, military, or prior school security experiences.

● The district is still having conversations with local police departments about the possibility of having a School Resource Officer (SROs) in each high school.

Talking Point #3: Staff and Student Training and Drills

This talking point addresses a frequent concern that families have regarding the training our staff receives in order to keep their children safe as well as what training and drills their children participate in during the school year.

● All of our WCASD staff complete required safety trainings including the Youth Suicide Awareness Training, Trauma Informed Care Training, and ALICE Training, which is active shooter training.

● The district also requires monthly cyber security awareness training for all staff as cyber safety is also a critical concern.

● Students participate in a multitude of safety drills as required by the school district and the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

● Although the need for students to participate in safety and security training and drills can be frightening, WCASD faculty and staff do their best to ensure that these experiences are age-appropriate, explained clearly, and make students confident about what they need to do to be safe in the event of an emergency.

Talking Point #4: Mental Health Supports and Prevention

This talking point reviews the efforts the district has made to increase the mental health and preventative resources available to WCASD students and the focus on SEL practices to help students develop vital emotional and social skills.

● In the past two years, the district has increased the number of Mental Health Therapists from three to 12 to better assist our students and staff.

● Our pupil services team also works closely with law enforcement to address and evaluate any Safe2Say reports in addition to their work conducting Violent and Suicide Risk Assessments and Screeners.

● The district has focused on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) practices and strategies to better help students navigate social interaction and develop 21st Century Skills that promote overall success.

Talking Point #5: Technology Investments and Resources

This talking point reviews the significant investments made in safety and security technologies and resources over the past few years. Detailing some of these investments may help families to understand that there are consistent and preventative safety measures in place beyond those necessary for emergency situations.

● Navigate360 has replaced the previous visitor management platform, providing the district with additional features as part of their Emergency Management Suite.

● Building cameras and coverage have increased by about 33%, and the district is continuously evaluating our need for additional access control points.

● Cellular and emergency responder communication amplification has been enhanced within our schools. This ensures personnel can stay connected in the event of an emergency.

● Radio communication has improved within our schools by investing in a significant number of professional quality radios.

● The district has a cloud-based system that flags concerning internet searches from students when conducted on district-issued or owned devices.

● The district continually reviews and updates our emergency response plans to ensure that these plans align with best practices and to make our staff aware of the appropriate response in the event of an emergency. Additionally, each and every WCASD building has a specific, detailed emergency response plan that is kept confidential to ensure these plans remain effective.

Additional Talking Points:

The following includes some additional points as well as language that may be useful in conversations focused on safety and security measures.

● The district is currently working on reducing visitor traffic inside of our schools by developing strategies for parents/guardians to drop off items for their students without fully entering the building.

● The WCASD is committed to ensuring the safety and security of our students, staff, and visitors within all of our buildings. As we continue to invest in and evaluate measures that increase the well-being of our school community, we have outlined the many existing resources that help make our district a happy and safe place to learn and grow.

● The West Chester Areas School District has made significant investments over the past several years to improve the safety and security of our school buildings for staff and students.

● We will continue to evaluate and improve our safety and security measures to ensure the safety and well-being of all those in our buildings and community.

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Student News

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HHS Sailing Team

Henderson Sailing team competed with 12 other schools at The Gunston School in Centerville MD on Sunday 10/8. It was a great day for sailing with good wind all day.

Sailors Drew DeFonzo, Maggie DeFonzo, Peter Mazzagatti, and captain James Cottage closed the regatta with Henderson High School in 2nd place, with the overall scores reflecting the many first place finishes.

We are proud of how this small team competed with some very established school teams and are looking forward to more good regattas as the Fall season continues. The next regatta is at nearby North East River Yacht Club on Saturday 10/15. Supporters are welcome!

The team is open to more sailors. Anyone interested should contact James Cottage or Mr. Clay.

Pictured above: Peter Mazzagatti (skipper) & Maggie DeFonzo (crew) sailing into a nice 1st place

Henderson students participate in the SOPA UCS Youth Summit

Representatives from the Henderson Unified Bocce team, Addie Downs, Ava Dimino, Aidan McGuire and Luke Criado traveled to Valley Forge Military Academy to participate in the 2022 Superhero’s for Success Youth Summit. The Youth Summit is a program developed by the Special Olympics in support of Unified Champion Schools. The students spent the morning unearthing their own superpowers to discover the skills we all have within us. Coming together in a Unified School proves our strength and helps us realize that we are more alike than different. As a group, the students worked to plan out whole school engagement activities to develop a more inclusive school. We are excited to bring all that we learned back to Henderson and start planning! The team is also excited about their upcoming Unified Bocce season and as returning State Champions they look forward to packing the stands for our first home match!

Zach Marsden, got on stage and played with Green Day this past weekend at Firefly. Click on link to see the Channel 6 news story.


TCHS Students of the Quarter

These students have been recognized for doing an outstanding job at TCHS. They are demonstrating the attitude and scholarship that TCHS values so highly.

Ryleigh Baugher - Animal Science

Owen Bobb - HVAC & Refrigeration Tech.

Arianna Dakin - Allied Health-Community Health

Zoha Wasif - Allied Health - Chester County Hospital


Henderson's own Chas McCormick will play in the World Series!

What an exciting week to be a Philadelphia Phillies fan and also a Henderson Warrior baseball fan. Why a Henderson Warrior baseball fan you ask?

Well, Henderson has an alumnus playing in the 2022 MLB World Series. Chas McCormick a 2013 graduate, is a member of the Houston Astro’s. Chas was a two sport athlete at Henderson where he excelled in both baseball and basketball. Chas was four-time All-Ches-Mont League and became the first player in school history to score 1,000 career points in basketball and record 100 career hits in baseball. Chas was the starting centerfielder for our Henderson 2010 PIAA State Championship Baseball team. Chas has 3 brothers (Ryan, Jason (his twin), Sean) who all went to Henderson and his parents Bob and Nancy still live in the West Chester area.

Chas was a 21st round pick and the over 631 player to be selected in the 2017 MLB draft out of Millerville University. Chas made his major league debut on April 1st, 2021. Currently, Chas is Houston’s starting center fielder and when Houston played the Yankees over the weekend, he had a clutch 2 run homer that beat the Yankees in game three. The only other Henderson graduate to play in the Baseball World Series was Jon Matlack. Jon pitched for the 1973 New York Mets who unfortunately lost to the Oakland A’s in seven games.

Here is a link on the story that NBC10 did last night on Chas - https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/sports/phillies/west-chester-native-goes-to-world-series-with-houston-astros/3402573/

Upcoming Events

10/24 School Closed

Upcoming Events:

11/3 End of 1st marking period

11/8 Teacher In-service - No school for students

11/23 Teacher In-service - No school for students

11/24-11/25 Thanksgiving Break

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