How Do I set up Alpha Grades?

Setting up Alpha grades in Teams

STEP 1: It all bgeins with Categories setup

There are several areas in Teams that need to be set up in order to view and post Alpha grades in your Teams Gradebook.

  1. After logging into Team, under the Teacher Menu, go to Maintain Teacher Gradebook Category

  2. Under the Gradebook Course/Section tab, select a Course/Section

  3. Locate the Category Names you want to use, Major, Non-Major, Homework.

  4. Next to each Category Name assign the ‘weight’ that will be associated to each Assignment select with this category. The total weight must be 100. These weights are defaulted for Jr High and High School; 60 Major, 40 Non-Major. The total must be 100. Elementary teachers will need to refer to Unifrom Grading Guidelines to set categories weights.

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Alpha grade setups will be defaulted to the courses prior to the first day of school. If a new course is added that requiresAlpha grades after the first day of school, follow the next step.

STEP 2: Categories Must be assigned to Alpha Grades Values

  1. Locate Calc Result Type for the Category Name

  2. Select 'Alpha'

  3. Locate Alpha Grade Value for the Category Name

  4. Select 'ENSU'

  5. Locate Alpha Grades Only

  6. Select 'Y'

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STEP 3: Adding Alpha Assignments

The Categories selected, when adding an Assignment, must carry weight. (View instructions above to setup Categories.)

  1. Click on the Teacher Gradebook Assignment tab

  2. When adding a New Assignment, select a category that carries weight which was setup under the Gradebook Course/Section tab.

  3. If the Categories are set up correctly, when adding Assignments, the Alpha Grades Only column should be set to ‘Y’ by default. If the categories were not setup correctly, this field will need to be manually updated.

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