Dive into Renewable Wave Energy!

Ocean Wave Energy

What is Wave Energy?

Wave Energy is the transport of energy by wind waves, and the captured energy from the waves is used for many things. For example, wave energy can be used for electricity generation, pumping of water, water desalination, and more.

How is wave energy produced?

It is produced when electricity generators are placed on the surface of the ocean. This energy is then transferred to power plants, water pumps, etc.
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Advantages of Wave Energy

It is Renewable

Wave energy is great because it will never run out! Waves will always be crashing on shores; of course the waves will flow away from shore, but they always come back. Fossil fuels are nonrenewable and are running out just as fast as people have been finding them. Unlike ethanol, a corn product, wave energy is not limited by a certain season. Waves don't require input from humans to make their power.

It is Environmentally Friendly

Creating wave energy does not create harmful byproducts such as waste, gas, and pollution like fossil fuels do. The energy is taken directly to machinery that produces electricity and used to power generators nearby. This will not only help with air pollution, but can provide new, green jobs for millions of people.

There is no Damage to Land

Extracting fossil fuels can often leave massive damage to land from the large holes used to extract them. Wave energy does not cause any damage to the land. It is a clean, and safe method for extracting energy.

It is easily predictable

We are able to calculate the amount of energy that will be produced because it is easily predictable. Wave energy is consistent and is more dependable than other sources of energy like wind and solar energy which require wind or sun exposure.

There are many areas and ways to capture it

Wave energy can be captured at three different locations in the ocean: near shore, offshore, and far offshore. The energy can be captured at the surface of the ocean from the waves or deeper in the ocean from the pressure changes.

Facts that show that we should switch to wave energy

It is estimated that the potential for wave energy from the US coastline would add up to about 252 billion KWh per year!
Sea waves have the highest energy density out of all the other renewable energy sources.
The installation of wave energy can produce more energy with less equipment per real estate due to the fact that the water in the ocean is about 850 times denser than the air at the same level.


Wave energy can only be harvested if it is by an ocean. Landlocked places wont be able to receive this energy.