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Ethan S

slavery in America.

Slavery began when European merchants started the triangular trade. The triangular trade was when Europeans traded with Africans for people they captured and have them as slaves to America.The Africans who were sold ,were sold because they were prisoners. The Africans who traded the prisoners were giving weapons. They were transferred on slave ships. Slave ships were bad. The slaves were cramped in the bottom of the ship. They also got diseases on the ships and some died on the ships. A lot of slaves were needed in America because they were just starting out and there wasn't a lot of people there yet. So they needed a lot of help.The biggest reason they need help was because they need more people to help make the buildings. They were more slaves in the southern part of the country. By the time of the civil war there were no slaves in the Norths. Only freed slaves if they were in the north. There were so many slaves in the south because that's were all the cotton was grown. So with the slaves the plantations grew so they got even more slaves.Some slaves ate twice a day but the breakfast was really small.All of them ate dinner though. Slavery was effected by the cotton grin by the slaves being able the get more cotton. With the slaves getting more cotton the southerns got more slaves which helped grew the plantations. Getting more slaves and having the cotton grin and getting a lot of cotton made the slave owners rich. So that's why they were able to get larger plantations. The cotton grin made them also work longer. With the long hours , the many slaves, and all the cotton in the fields the slave owners/plantation owners really got rich.

Present day

Present day America is mixed. Some people like kids think their own skin color is superior, and don't like the other color sometimes . Other times people make racial comments on television. A lot of people think cops are racist becuase they accidentally harm the other color of their skin. People in America are also split 50/50 becuase some are very racist and others hate racist. Some people act mean on tv and say racist things. Some black people have anti racial groups and white people join help them out. There's allt of famous black peoples who do sports are on tv and in movies. There's some black people who don't like white people for what they did to them.