Hero Project


My Dad and my hero

My dad, who inspires me every single day of my life is my hero. After my family experienced one of the most devastating experiences of our life when we loss my mom to a seizure in 2014. He was always there for me. I counted on him day in and day out. I leaned on him and he held me up. He helped me get through the struggles and to look at the bright side of life.


My dad attended Illinois university for college. I remember him always telling me how he loved Illinois. He always tells me stories and every year we take an RV trip to an Illini football game. We both love Illinois University.

Oskee Wow-Wow!

This picture I am with my dad in France this past summer. This is very special to both of us. We both loved this trip, and can't wait to go again.
This is another picture in France with my dad. In the background you can see Norte Dame. One of our favorite buildings, my dad loves it because of all the spectacular architecture features.

Haiku Poem

Determined, Loving

Makes lemonade out of lemons

My hero, my dad