Yarra River Cruise

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The second largest city in Australia is placed in the southeastern part of the continent, or more precisely – in the large Phillip Bay, and presents a financial and social center of the wide geographical area, and it is often called the “cultural capital” of Australia. It is established in 1835 on the banks of the Yarrariver, which runs through the city and provides an important bloodline to this exciting and entertaining town. Yarra runs west of the Yarra Ranges for more than 240 km (148 miles) and ends up in the already mentioned Phillip Bay. Melbourne is a city well-known for its attractive locations and places interesting to tourists and people come to this place to explore the historical sites and the picturesque geographical locations as well.

What exactly is a Yarra river cruise?

As mentioned earlier, Yarrariver runs through the heart of Melbourne and the view that you can get from the water is one of the best perspectives on the entire city and its surroundings. Tourists saw the advantage of this view a long time ago, and the local entrepreneurs were also very happy to seize the opportunity and have offered them a unique and special experience which takes them up and down the river providing them with every luxury and all possible services. Yarra river cruise is usually done in larger groups, since most cruise companies offer different possibilities when it comes to arrangements, so they offer corporate cruises, wedding cruises, Uni cruises, etc., and they can also include various types of entertaining content such is live music, burlesque shows and other types of similar activities.

What to expect from a Yarra river cruise?

Each cruise is a unique and once in a lifetime experience, and it is certainly something which should never be missed when you are visiting Melbourne and the state of Victoria. This city offers a multitude of sightseeing opportunities and a cruise could be the perfect way to easily catch a glimpse of the most famous locations on the banks of the Yarra. Some of the most popular locations include Melbourne Park for the Australian Tennis Open and the Royal Botanical Gardens. Also, there are other parks and beautiful examples of Australian flora and fauna, such as Birrarung Marr and Yarra Bend Park, and there is also the famous Herring Island Park. In addition to these national parks and protected Geo-locations, 14 golf courses are located on the banks of this river and there are various trails for cyclists and joggers. Cruises offer a great chance to celebrate Christmas or New Year in a real down-under style, and there are also popular local celebrations that attract a lot of tourists, for instance the Moomba Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival. Which ever type of cruise you select, you will certainly have fun and enjoy in the beautiful, captivating scenery of this amazing Australian city.

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