By Chris Hanson

The Legand

Buddha was born in Lumbini, Nepal in the 6th centenary. Buddha created Buddhism. This makes it one of the oldest practiced religions today through meditation. The religion evolved as it spread from the northeast region of India subcontinent to central, east, and southeast Asia.

The Scriptures

There are a few scriptures. One is the Tripitaka. The Tripitaka is the earliest of the scriptures. The Tibetan Book of the Dead is most known in the west.

Important places

The Snow Mountain is a very important place. Before Buddha’s full enlightenment, he practiced an ascetic life in a cave on Snow Mountain. He slowly reduced his food intake until you could see his bones. As he was unable to find full enlightenment by practicing austerity in this way, he began to eat more food to regain his strength.

Beliefs and Events

a religion without original sin, judgment, a wrathful God, a multitude of gods and saints, an eternal hell, Satan, a sense of guilt, a personality cult, idolizing a book, a blood sacrifice for atonement, a rejection of personal experience, holy wars, hypocritical rules, sexism, a coltish mindset, and money and power obsessions.

events : First Buddhist Council at Rajagaha (486) after the Parinirvana*, under the patronage of King Ajatasattu.