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Kelley Popp Independent Artist #3755

We are in Pre-Launch in Canada

WE ARE OPEN IN CANANDA IN PRE-LAUNCH!! Please visit my website and click on the Canadian flag to sign up here. I would love to partner with you and South Hill Designs!! Be one of the first in Canada to sell these unique locket pieces. We have no waiting list and are accepting Artists in all provinces except for four. Become a SHD Artist in Canada-It's Fun, It's Lucrative and It's Satisfying!! I will personally mentor/coach as you grow your SHD business. Contact me for more information at!!

Minnesota South Hill Designs Opportunity Meeting

Thursday, Aug. 8th, 6-9pm

Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis, MN

Learn more about South Hill at our Minnesota Meeting! I will be there along with other leaders from our Midwest team. I would love to meet you and share my Why with you. Come see what is possible when you combine the latest trend in jewelry and an absolutely amazing compensation plan. Best, Kelley

About Me

I was immediately drawn to the concept of building unique to you jewelry. When a dear friend of mine started posting photos on her Facebook page about South Hill, I was hooked. I like to think of our lockets as a mini scrapbook on a chain. Those who know me well, know that I am a die hard memory keeper, photographer and paper crafter at heart. I love to document my families moments and with South Hill I can highlight moments of my story that are true to me. I am excited to share this opportunity with anyone who would like to build their own locket story. We like to say here at South Hill Designs "Like my Locket?" Place an Order! "Love My Locket?" Host a Social! "Want It All?" Join My Team!

South Hill Designs is the most exciting home party plan company to hit the market in decades. With a product that sells itself and an environment that provides no pressure to the hostess or guests, a South Hill Social is the perfect social gathering. As the artist, I will bring a generous supply of lockets, charms, chains, coins, and droplets, and then show your guests how easy it is to make their own pieces. Each piece is uniquely personal, and you'll find everyone loves telling their story as they build their jewelry. A South Hill Designs Social is a great place to visit with existing friends and make new ones.

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