Parks Press for Parents

Rosa Parks/Millbrook ISSDA

May 4-8, 2020

Our Mission

The staff of Rosa Parks/Millbrook in collaboration with parents and community, will pursue excellence as we walk in our purpose to develop the whole child, academically and socially, and ensure that all students take responsibility for their learning and reach self-sustaining success.

Hearts Full of Love and Admiration

Our seats are empty, but our hearts are full of love and admiration for our teacher and staff at Rosa Parks Elementary School. This week, we turn our focus solely to our teachers and staff. We want to shower them with love and appreciation for all of their hard work in and out of the classroom. Our teachers have worked tirelessly all year long and in a matter of one week, adapted the way they teach and do business on a daily basis. Teachers are now working from home without their normal teaching materials and classroom space, but most importantly absent from the physical presence of our scholars. Parents this is the part where it really gets difficult, the bright smiling faces of your children as they enter the building and classrooms each day brings a certain level of energy to our teachers that they lack when being apart. I'm asking that on this TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK we work to help bring back some of the memories that fueled our teachers all year long. Our teachers are saddened by the idea of not being able to complete the school year as we normally would and we want to help them feel a little better about that. Please work with your child to craft messages, videos, letters, pictures, and emails to express your appreciation for all of our teachers hard work and dedication to our children. I have provided a flyer that outlines our focus each day, but certainly am not stopping you there. I want to encourage you to celebrate your child's teacher in the manner that suits your and your child best, but please let them hear from you everyday this week. I encourage you to use all of our communication tools and social media sites to shout out our teachers and show them some love. We appreciate you for assisting our teachers in continuing to educate our students as best as possible during these times. Feel free to email me should you have questions or need help with our celebrations for this week. Thank you for helping us build children, character, and community everyday, in a new way.
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Teacher Appreciation @The Parks

Memorable Monday

Write a note, send an email or dojo message telling of a memory you have of your teacher this year. Tell your teacher what you miss about them and being in their class.

Terrific Tuesday

Make your teacher smile with a picture, video, dojo message, or email telling what makes them terrific.

WoW Wednesday

Give your teacher a WOW moment with a letter, message, video, post about how wonderful they are.

Thankful Thursday

Thank your teacher with a song of inspiration. Maybe you know their favorite inspirational song or just have a good encouraging one. Share it with a video of you singing or share the song link or video on YouTube.

Fantastic Friday

Shout it Out how fantastic your teacher is! Go to our social media pages, give your teacher a shout-out and tell how fantastic your child's teacher is. Post video, pictures, etc.

Don't let the daily focus limit your desire to celebrate. By all means celebrate your child's teacher as creatively and safely as you can. We know that normally you would shower our teachers with gifts, balloons, flowers, snacks, and treats. Unfortunately we have some restraints causing us to celebrate differently so that we all remain safe. Below you will find additional ideas and ways to celebrate our teachers and staff in a safe and socially distanced manner.

Tag your teacher and our school social media sites on your TEACHER APPRECIATION social media posts.

Facebook: RPMelementary

Twitter: @RPM_ISSD

Instagram: rpmelementary

Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Here are some links to sites that have templates you can use to make digital appreciation cards and messages.

Make and send a E-Thank you card. Choose a card and send it directly to your teacher's email.

Send an E-Gift Card for some of your teacher's favorites (restaurants, movies, amazon, WalMart, Target, etc.).

Thank You Printable

Create a word cloud using words that describe your teacher.

Create a funny MadLib

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Powerful PreK

Kind-hearted Kinder

Fantastic First Grade

Sensational Second Grade

Terrific Third Grade

Fabulous Fourth Grade

First-Class Fifth Grade

Superb Specials

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Counselor Connection

Extra, Extra Read All About It!!!

Josephine Catanach

School Counselor

ext. 1569

Blogs for Social Emotional Learning

“Move This World”

Password: “togetherwecan”

Tips for Learning & Working From Home

1.) Prioritize a consistent healthy sleep schedule.

2.) Get out of your pajamas.

3.) Develop a morning transition.

4.) Build in breaks.

5.) Make your daily Schedule.

6.) Create your work space.

7.) Set and agree on expectations for the day.

8.) Divide and conquer responsibilities.

9.) Create time for the family connection.

10.) Create time for social connection.

Quote of the Week

Hope is the only thing

stronger than fear.

Counselor’s Guidance Weekly Lesson

Explaining the Coronavirus

Coronavirus Outbreak | Dr. Panda TotoTime - YouTube


May 4

Parish Williams

May 5

Kyra Boyd

Bryce Tolliver

May 6

Casen Norwood

May 7

Tyler Freeman

Felix Isaac

May 9

Madison Wicks


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