Roger Williams

By Hayden Benoit


Many of you know who Roger Williams is if you do nothe is the founder of Rhode Island. Roger Williams early life is pretty interesting he had many careers as a boy.In 1634 Roger Williams moved to Massachusetts with his wife.did you know that Roger Williams was brought to trial seven times.If you want to learn more about Roger williams adventures life read on.

Early life

Roger Williams was born in London,he was the son of merchant tailor.He went to collage at Cambridge university.After he received a bachelores degree in 1627.He became a suribe for Sir Edward Coke.Next he was a chaplain for the Purtin lord in 1629.The Purtins were Postant reformers,Who advocated simpler forms of worship and stricter morals. by that time Williams had became a religious nonconformist.after that he got married and moved to Massachusetts.


After Roger Williams got married he had six children and moved to Massachusetts.He married Mary Barnard.After he moved he got married he became a minister in Salem.He wrote a book and it was published 1664. Him and his wife moved to the Plymouth colony in but returned in 1634.When he became a minister in Salem the people accepted his desire to have a church that was independent of the church of England.At this time he had a reputation as a trouble some person.He argued that the royal charter could not take land that belonged to the Indianans.In 1675 Roger Williams was ordered to leave Massachusetts. After This Roger Williams died April,18,1683.


Roger Williams had six children some of their names are Providence,Daniel,Mercy,and Mary.Roger Williams was brought to trial seven times. He found the colony Rhode Island in 1629.Roger Williams wrote a book in 1664.The name of his book was ''The Bloody Tenet of Precaution.'' Providence was another name for Rhode Island. His book was published his first visit back to England. He wrote it as a long dispute with John Cotton.There is national memorial of Roger Williams in Rhode Island.Roger Williams Lived a long and adventures life and died a great man.


Roger Williams was a great man he was a good man ever since he was a boy.In his early life he helped many people.Roger Williams had a good life in Massachusetts and stood up for his rights.Roger Williams had six children one died before adult hood.Their for he was a great man when he was born and when he died.


  • Providence: another name for Rhode Island
  • Trial: a former meeting where evidence about a crime is presented to a judge
  • Desire: to want or wish for something


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