School Board Meeting Highlights



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All motions were approved.

School Board Recognition Night

School Board Recognition Night

Celebrating the WHOLE CHILD in Parkland

January 28, 2020, 7 PM


High School Presentation – Athletics teach essential life skills in team work, effort, and time management

Jim Moniz introduced Athletics as an important pillar of a Parkland Education. Students spoke about the influence of athletics on their high school experience.


Madison Gagge

Madison Troxell

Girls Volleyball

Lauren Ceh

Amber Resendez


Luke Dauberman

Jayden Caballero


Bryan Diaz

Georgi Butch

Mackenzie Delvecchio

Elementary Schools Presentation – Academic focus on Mind Up Curriculum for student wellness

Karen Dopera gave a brief overview of the MindUp program. Mind Up is a research based curriculum using brain research to help improve student behaviors. The lessons in Mind Up incorporate strategies for helping students focus their attention, improve self-regulation skills, build resilience to stress and develop a positive mind-set. Each elementary school highlighted portions of our social emotional learning program at the elementary level.

Schnecksville – Teacher Samantha Formato and kindergarten student Beau Bauer showed a video that Goldie Hawn posted on her social media account that shows Beau telling about all he has learned about the brain: video

Parkway Manor - Teacher Kate Schoemaker and 2nd grade student Reese Jenkins demonstrated how students use their bodies to model the different parts of the brain.

Ironton – Teacher Christina Doll and 4th grade student Cassie Belletieri spoke about class chats and gave examples of what topics teachers talk about with students.

Fogelsville – Teacher Elizabeth Blose and her 5th grade student Shayna Katz showcased a Mystery Sound activity.

Kernsville – Teacher Erika Povilaitis and her 5th grade students Braden Bleiler & Kiana Miles demonstrated a MindUp activity.

Cetronia/Jaindl – Cetronia counselor Kelly Scurci-Neth and 3rd grade student Claire Brundage and Jaindl teacher Cailin Bodnar and her 5th grade student Sophia Nauman demonstrated a breathing exercise and shared information about Calming Kits.

Kratzer - Kindergarten Teacher Mara Hein and 1st grade student Jaxon Kijak talked about the spot in the room students can go and use manipulatives.

Middle School Presentation – The Arts were celebrated as means to foster creativity, visual learning and focus

A NIGHT OF THE “ARTS” AT THE MUSEUM - The exhibition utilizes a Narrator (the museum curator) with a string quartet positioned on the left side. As the narrator speaks, a Parkland Museum moving crew moved living museum frames with student exhibitions.

Narrator - Gabby Gavirati-OMS

String Quartet - Yechan Cho-SMS, Tariq Shahid-SMS, Brooklyn Vasquez-SMS, Claire Fang-SMS

Instrumental Music - Flute-Andrew Diven-OMS and Tenor Sax-Kevin Yao-SMS

Tech Ed - Owen McCauley-SMS and Sarah Dacey-SMS

FCS - Sam Lundberg-OMS, Maddison Siggins-SMS, Gianna Kemmerer-SMS

Art - Rachel Rippke-SMS, Skyler Ryan-SMS

Theater - Ellie Ott-OMS

Foreign Languages - French-Elsa Hoderewski-OMS, Spanish-Samantha Cruz-OMS,

German-Jacob Stettler-SMS

Movers - Andrew Sachse-OMS, Eric Wood-OMS, Jack Valuntas-OMS, Jocelyn Romero-Billowich-OMS, Ben Lundberg-OMS, Sarah Lundberg-OMS

Student Representative to the Board Presentation

Ga Young Lee gave her monthly student report.

Union Presentations

Sandi Gackenbach thanked the School Board on behalf of the teacher’s union. Elizabeth Moyer thanked the Board on behalf of PESPA.

Regular Meeting

Patrick gave a Parkland Library update.

David Hein gave this LCCC report.

Patrick and Rob did not approve cyber charter school payments citing the inequity that exists in the current state funding formula that requires school districts to pay tuition costs for cyber programs that are inflated relative to the actual cost of educating a child via cyber school.


The School Board thanked everyone who came out tonight for great presentations and complemented the students on the the quality and confidence with which they spoke.

Next Meeting is Tuesday, February 18, 2020, at 7 PM (workshop) and 8 PM (regular meeting)