dead is so last year

Marlene Perez



This book is about a girl name Daisy and her sisters are looking for there father. Daisy just came back from Italy with her mom. The Girls live in Nightshade. When daisy gets she meets her boyfriend Ryan at football practice. The football players are called Wolfgang. Daisy and her boyfriend Ryan go to there favorite restaurant Slim's. Daisy gets home and notice that at lunch her boyfriend was acting different. Daisy and her sister throw a party at the beach. Daisy needs a job so she starts to work at Slim's. Rose is one of Daisy sisters, Rose working for Dr. Franken. Dr. Franken works at a lab and Rose is all into science stuff. One day the girls get a knock on the door from there"father". Their father left the girls and there mom a long time ago but Daisy doesn't believe that its him. Daisy tells her sisters how she feels because Doppeldad doesn't act like her real dad. Doppeldad is now leaving in the house with them. The girls tell there Mom and the mom says to get him out of the house, the dad over hears the conversation and start to leave. Daisy and Ryan crawl into a hole where the fake Dr. Franken keeps doppeldad and now Daisy and Ryan are locked in and have no way to get until the police come and get them out.


I chose this book because it seemed very interesting to read. My favorite part of the book occurred when Daisy and Ryan went crawl into the hole to see what is going on and who leaves there. In my opinion about this amazing. Some reasons I liked this are the book is kinda real life and a lot of kids can relate to the situation and it shows that Daisy didn't give up on her father. Some reasons i disliked the book is when the football players called themselves Wolfgang and werewolves because i didn't get why they called themselves that. Overall I would rate this book a TEN because Its very fun to read and a lot of lessons are shown. I would recommended for children that are 14-17.
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