Eternal Rest Funeral Home

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Traditional Burial - Body present for funeral and viewing. Burial typically follows the service.

Cremation at Traditional service. Body open for viewing and cremated after service.

Memorial Service - Body not present for service and could be cremated before or after. Direct cremation is also offered. Body is directly cremated with no service. Ashes can be buried or placed in a keepsake container to be given to the family.

Green Burial - No embalming. Biodegradable caskets are used to bury the body.

Eternal Rest Funeral Home

We are committed to serving you. We are located 30 miles south of Lansing, 20 miles North of Jackson and 40 miles west of Ann Arbor. Our business has been handed down from generation to generation. We have compassion and understanding and are dedicated to serving you.

Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Please put your trust in our loving staff to assist you in your time of need. We have many referrals of satisfied customers. We are here to serve you!

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