The 26th President of Guatemala


Jose Efrain Rios Montt was born on June 16, 1926. He is a Guatemalan politician who was once the president of Guatemala from March 23, 1982 - August 8, 1983. His time as the president was marked by the Guatemalan Civil War. Rios Mont is best known outside Guatemala for being tried for heading a military regime (1982 - 1983) that was partly responsible for having defeated the guerrillas through the "guns and beans" campaign, maintaining "If you are with us we'll feed you, if not, we'll kill you". Montt targeted the indigenous Mayan people and was tried for his war crime after his regime.
Bringing Rios Montt to Justice - Guatemala

Creative Piece - Poem

Efrain Rios the MONTTster.

The baddest man around.

The dictator of Guatemala.

A criminal with a crown.

He made himself the leader.

but he did not lead.

He killed those who opposed.

The last person Guatemala needs.

Essential Question

EQ: How did Montt affect Latin America?

Answer: Montt let all of Latin America know that dictatorship can come out of nowhere as Montts leadership did. The countries of Latin America changed their policies to ensure that nobody like Montt would be able to gain too much control and to distribute the power more.