2nd Semester Goals

Morayo Harison

5 Goals

  • Improve Math Grade
  • Start Reading More Books
  • Improve Science Grade
  • Scholarship
  • Persistence

Quotes I Enjoy

Reasoning for Goals

  • I need to start studying math more efficiently so that my grade can increase. If I do well in achieving that, it will be less stressful.
  • To improve my vocabulary, I need to start reading more books. I heard recently that reading also benefits mental health and it's always good to maintain a healthy mind.
  • Last semester in physical science I received a B, so this semester naturally I would like to receive an A. I actually accomplished a lot the 1st semester, I didn't think that I would pass physical science since it's not one of my best subjects but I surprisingly did well. I wish to continue to put effort into my grade.
  • Obtaining scholarships would make my life easier on my parents and I. Hopefully I can get some academic scholarships.
  • In order to achieve my goals for this semester I need persistence. Even if it may be challenging or sluggish I hope to have the strength to carry on.
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