How to do a Cartwheel

follow these steps to have fun doing a cartwheel!



-a mat


-a t-shirt

-an adult

Step #1

Lay down the mat and step one your foot that you are not going to kick with. Make sure you have an adult.

Step #2

Put you hands on the mat and go up and down so you feel comfortable about kicking over and twist your hands to the side so it feels good when you kick over.

Step #3

So when you have twist your hand you can kick over but make sure there is a adult by you so you don't get hurtand when y

Step #4

Then land one foot then the other. Make sure your hands your up still and your legs are strait

Step #5

Then keep practicing the cartwheel.

Step #6

Make sure you had fun.

Interesting facts about a cartwheel

A Roundoff and a Aireal is like a cartwheel but it is just a little bit different.

A roundoff is you just turn your body and land on your to feet.

A Aireall is just know hands.

A cartwheel is a sideways rotary movement of the body.