Early Childhood News From Region 7

TSDS/ECDS Data and Template Info

The button below will take you to the ECDS folder on Google Drive. Inside the folder, you will find information on HB4 assessments, a folder containing webinars and powerpoints related to the ECDS process, and a CLI folder containing their Progress Monitoring Alignment with HB4 requirements, how to upload the data into a template, and instructions. I have copied this into an ECDS folder on Google Drive.

The webinars were originally designed for Private Pre-Ks NOT part of HB4. However, you may find the information useful. Contact jfernandez@esc7.net for specific ECDS questions.

May 31st deadline for ordering no cost TPRI kits

The window for ordering no-cost K-2 TPRI kits is closing soon. Kits provided by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) will no longer be available after May 31, 2017. Since there have been no revisions to the TPRI assessment since its 2010 release, the current 2010–2014 kits remain valid. Texas public schools and school districts that wish to obtain additional K–2 kits from the remaining inventory will be allowed to do so until May 31, 2017, or for as long as the current supply of TPRI kits lasts, whichever comes first. TEA encourages schools and school districts to replace any TPRI kits that are incomplete or damaged. Schools and school districts may also order additional kits to meet projected increases in the number of K–2 classrooms and to replace incomplete or damaged kits in the future. Orders will continue to be taken on a first come first served basis until no TPRI kits remain in TEA’s inventory.

To place an order, visit the TPRI ordering site at http://www.tpriandtjl.com. If you have ordering questions, you may call 1-866-898-8774, or email tpritjlorder@specialbee.com.

Site Sessions and Individual or Team Coaching Are Available!

Would you like me to bring a session out to your team of teachers? Or would you prefer that I come out as a coach and assist you to review data, help you mull over class community or room set up for next year, plan or design a unit, design performance tasks, examine writing samples and identify areas of focus, or simply be your sounding board, please contact me via email to set up dates and times. (rlemon@esc7.net)

Links to register for summer sessions

6/1 Pre-K Guidelines and Best Practices

Free to all private, charter, and public Pre-Ks

6/8 HIgh Quality Pre-K

Free to all private, charter, and public pre-Ks

6/21 Surviving Pre-K/Kinder Cohort 1

Includes classroom visits and coaching.

Surviving Pre-K/Kinder Cohort 2

Includes classroom visits and coaching

7/13 Pre-K Centers (adapted from 6/23 session)

Free and open to all private, charter, and public Pre-Ks.

7/28 CLI Progress Monitoring and TX-KEA

The morning will be over the CLI Pre-K Progress Monitoring, Reports, and Resources. At 12:30, we will explore the CLI Texas Kinder Entry Assessment

8/4 Writing Strategies PK/K

DATE and ROOM Change

8/8 Pre-K and PPCD Structuring your Classroom

Free and open to all private, charter, and public Pre-Ks.