Second Grade Update

Early December

Curriculum Review

We have been so busy this Fall. Here is a little update on some new learning.

Math- we just finished Unit 4 Addition and Subtraction. This was a challenging unit because several strategies for adding larger numbers were introduced. The students practiced Partial Sums ( a very important strategy for understanding place value), adjusting, and Counting On. They were required to try each strategy and will ultimately be able to use any that they are comfortable with. "Carrying" was not shown YET. I will definitely show them this when they have a better handle on the others. We are moving into a new unit that focuses on geometry. Please refer to the parent letter in the Homelinks book for terms to help with homework.

Language Arts- We have just finished Unit 2 of the Journeys program. We worked on several strategies for comprehension. We looked at Author's Purpose, Analyzing and Evaluating, Comparing and Contrasting, and Understanding Characters. We read several non-fiction books and folk tales. We also looked at the vocabulary strategies for understanding suffixes -er, -est and adding endings to verbs to make them past tense, as well as using synonyms. In spelling, we worked with decoding digraphs, double consonant endings and -ck.

Science- We are just about to wrap up our unit on Changes in Matter. So far the students have observed and experimented with several solids and liquids. We looked at mixing and separating, evaporation, and condensation. This week we will separate liquids through chromatography and capture gas in a bag!

Writing- we are becoming amazing writers. The children are very excited about our Elaboration Unit. We have talked about using a mental camera, critical characters and elements, answering questions to elaborate, and finally Showing feeling not telling. We have already published a piece on the computer and hope to finish another one this week. Look for them to come home ( maybe under the Christmas Tree).

Mark Your Calendars

Upcoming Events

Trolley Ride Friday December 12th. Don't forget to order your panzarottis by Wednesday.

Please send in a small photo to the PTA for the Holiday Ornament.

Holiday Concert will be held on December 18th at 10:00 a.m.

Report Cards will go home on December 19th (the marking period ended last Friday).

There will be a 12:30 dismissal on December 23rd to start our Winter Break.

Thank you all for coming in during conferences. It was truly a pleasure to talk to you about your wonderful children. We have been having a great year of learning. I thank you all for your continued support.