Alivia McChristian

Hour 4


I love playing and watching volleyball, watching hockey, ice skating, flying, traveling, sleeping, drawing, writing, and Starbucks. Ive played volleyball every year, except my freshman year due to fracturing my ankle. I plan on playing volleyball after it is healed, and try hockey and possibly soccer. I want to join SADD and find a second club to join.

My Schools

In Preschool, I went to Central Christian. For grade school, I went to Union Vally and Prosperity. I went to Prairie Hills for middle school, and BHS now in high school. My favorite memory was holding Mr. Harris's snake in 6th grade. After Graduating high school, I would like to attend to K-State, KU, or WSU unless I have a future career in mind and need a specific school to go to.


I live my my brother Gage, my dad Calvin, and my mom Sarah. I have 3 uncles, 4 aunts, and 7, soon to be 8, cousins. We always have a family Christmas, so the living room is really crowded. One of my aunt and uncles live in South Korea, and I got to visit them there. I also have family in California.


I don't have many health other than my fractured ankle. I'm am not allergic to anything other than dead plants and dust.

Contact Info

My moms cell phone number is (620)200-6030. Her email is

My dads cell phone number is (620)663-3210. His email is